Revolution implosion?

A guy died yesterday in Uganda. He was brilliant and he was on the rise. Actually, word is that he died earlier than that but the right political line was to keep it hushed till the system had covered their behinds.

He was misplaced. He was just too clever to be a stooge for the system. Always wondered what he was doing on that side of the fence. He was too good for the army too good for the constitutional assembly and too good for the intelligence agency. He was too qualified; the peeps under him, even those who were older just couldn’t keep up with his brainpower.

Now he’s dead and he is dead too early. He died of what they have told us is pancreatitis. The majority of us have never heard of the disease. A bigger number wont even understand it even when it is explained.

The two major newspapers ran a story that was too similar to be the truth. Y’know what they say, if it is too straight, then its gotta be crooked in reality. The state rushed to explain. And they went overboard. Their words didn’t match their emotions.

As said earlier, this dude was too good for his position. He belonged in the private sector, making oodles of money and ignoring the bungling system. But he fell for the charms of the leader. And he started worshipping him.

Maybe he thought he would change him and make this country better.

The brave Red Pepper has already said he was poisoned. The peeps in the bars are saying more than that and it is not the piss talking.

Before the Lutwas were kicked out, there were a number of mysterious deaths. Government bigwigs were falling like flies. I can’t verify this coz I wasn’t really there. As in, I wasn’t bored enough to leave my toys and books to listen to the folks discussing national politics.

Things fall apart. The center cannot hold, they say.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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6 Responses to Revolution implosion?

  1. Joshi says:

    LA, for me im still shocked..Apuuli went, just like that!First it was an IM , then NV ran the storo then a txt the next day.True he was too good for the other side..but maybe thats what the other side needed..a decent, patriot, a planner and exquisite gentleman to eventually run things dont u think?..

    ps..u might make me move here as well..U..Baz..i just might tag along u know..

  2. I think the rumours must, by their very nature, abound in a time and situation like this. More, even, should the conspiracy theories.
    But I like to keep rational. That, unfortunately, means I throw out both the true and the false at times.

    And why is everybody moving? Maybe I should reserve a ticket … :oD

  3. The Phantom says:

    Joshi, i always admired Mayombo. A young guy who’d stand up and dazzle all the relics around him. is he from your ends? The way you called him Apuuli…i guess condolences are in order then?

  4. Mataachi says:

    this is beautiful. but we are so ugandan, we love a guy only when he is dead!

  5. Baz says:

    LA/Phantom, I see your Yeats and … and would like to raise you what Shakespeare said about how Great Men don’t die simple deaths– they are always poisoned, or murdered in some sinister conspiracy way, but I can’t even remember which play it is from.

  6. Ciarra says:

    Sad about Mayombo,

    True about us being Ugandan after all, we love our heroes “dead” then we can give all the nice speeches. Apuli was a brilliant good man, but he wasn’t angel Micheal either! Maybe twas a case of Justin Timberlake’s “what goes around comes around”

    The revolution eventually does eat its own!

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