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small talk about the weather

Lately, it has been getting really hot in Kampala. Our little office in Kamwokya is becoming an oven. Sometimes I think this is foreshadowing for those who wont be lucky enough to hang with the others and me in heaven … Continue reading

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The euwww! moment

I meet this guy; old school mate. I wasn’t close to him back then and we now talk just because we went to the same school. No one liked him that much actually. I put it down to jealousy ‘cause … Continue reading

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Mun2: My shillings on this guy

Just in case Warren B and Bebe Cool don’t want the hot seat…

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It’s so hard out there being a prez

Our president is on pressure as we speak. If he’s not, well, he should be. What with the many barbs coming from all directions! The opposition is having a field day. Mama Miria Obote is riding on the wave; throwing … Continue reading

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