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Big Fish

If my gut is not wrong, there’s an Adolf Eichmann situation brewing in my neighborhood. The kind that’s written about in lame fiction, praising the cleverness of CMI or something like that. My concern is not the glory of kidnapping … Continue reading

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Video news

Where are the naked Obsessions cupping their boobs? Did they bow to public pressure? Even after those girls from Hot 100 pulled off that stunt, The Obsessions feared? I mean, that Hot 100 stunt was something you can’t pull off … Continue reading

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Checking in…

Hullo my peeps. Everyone having a good time? You better be becoz this here thingy we call life is so unreliable. There’s so little time to have any hangups. Kale, i dont know why i am even writing this. Must … Continue reading

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Last day in Eden

(Overheard by one of the Seraphim that guard The Garden) Eve: …so as I was sayin, dude, like that ka strange creature you named, the…Adam: Serpent?Eve: Yeah, yeah, that one…Adam: I always knew you hated him. You’re always forgetting his … Continue reading

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Hold on to your baby

This is really a bad time to be a parent in Uganda. Kids have been disappearing increasingly of late and the problem seems to be one of those unsolvable ones where the police is “still investigating” for ever. At first … Continue reading

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