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Haiti comes back to bite America’s butt

Seeing the images on Al-Jazeera of the devastation in Haiti, a country repeatedly labeled as one of the most unfortunate places in the world, one cannot help but notice that most the anger that’s coming out of the tiny country … Continue reading

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A Paul Kafeero refrain

People have been shouting about gay relations for a long time, it’s getting really old. One would think it’s an effort to enact a Paul Kafeero song; y’know, one of his sad chronicles of the troubles of life in Uganda. … Continue reading

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Bukenya sneers at Mbabazi’s job

Professor Gilbert Bukenya, Uganda’s Vice President is one interesting character. He is always reinventing himself in the face of all sorts of adversity. The jolly, rotund politician is increasingly turning into a one-man army, a modern-day Rambo who just doesn’t … Continue reading

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