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Bite me

Different cultures around the world have standards for bringing up children. When one travels, not necessarily out of their country if they come from a country with more than 30 groups of peoples, you will have enough strange tales about … Continue reading

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The real economy drivers

A bank teller in Uganda earns about Shs500, 000 (US$309.5) on average in a month. That is good money in some circles of the society. When one is employed by the bank, chances are that they shall be given some … Continue reading

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You look like a monkey

Our newspapers are full of politics. There are many arguments on both sides of the fence about this issue. It has been screamed countless times at humbled writers and editors that we need a better news mix, that the way … Continue reading

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Train? What’s a train?

History has made an interesting return, in true history fashion. Remember those days we read about in history when the Maasai were not thrilled about a big metal snake being built in their land? I think we have the same … Continue reading

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Carnage country

A few months ago, there could have been a nasty accident at Kisubi on Entebbe road. There could have been a small newspaper article or two about the death of a young man late in the evening one Wednesday and … Continue reading

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