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Have i missed something?

Every morning on the way to work, the same thing happens to me (and to many others, i assume). It is getting so boring. I am starting to think that there is something going on that is way beyond my … Continue reading

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Oh happy day?

It’s not much probably but we could start from here. As those old gits say, a journey of a thousand miles…  Money Mike and the other guy have been splashed on the national newspapers behind bars. I know it might … Continue reading

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Paul Kafeero, gone too

On Thursday last week, one of Uganda’s most prolific singers died. Paul Kafeero was always an enigma to me and when he passed on, I was hurt in more than just the usual way that one is affected when one … Continue reading

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Check this out

“Hi back at you.” “So where have you been? the whole family’s been waiting for you. You missed supper.” “Ah…what does my presence have to do with the family’s stomach cravings?” “Nothing. Just that you are the life of the party … Continue reading

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One fine day

He doesn’t know if he’s awake or still asleep. He never knows. Things just swim into focus for him and they always have an eerie glow about them that he’s since learnt is not ghostly. Could be something in the … Continue reading

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Breaking the bank

When you go to the ATM next time, watch for the big spenders. If you find yourself in a queue behind people who look like they are going to withdraw more money than you can think of spending in a … Continue reading

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Proof of life

Little kicker Quiet and unseen Like a girl?

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