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Phantom and child

Somewhere in my youth, or my childhood, I must have done something good! Advertisements

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Emotional blackmail


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The doctor’s nightmare

Dr Edward Ddumba, the head honcho at Uganda’s premier hospital, Mulago National Referral Hospital is not happy with the way medic students have over the years been choosing to specialise in “easy” majors, leaving out the all important serious ones. … Continue reading

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Devil in Africa

Been reading Kezio’s blog and I came across that old problem of xenophobia. It is really frustrating that Africans should meet this kind of problems here in Africa, after all the shit that’s thrown at them when they venture into the … Continue reading

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Dar vs EAC

So the Tanzanians have contradicted recent media reports that they do not want to be part of the East African Community. Question is; who’s really fooling who? Seems it is going to be the way the cookie crumbles even in … Continue reading

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Jonny McRandom

Hi my peoples. Been trotting all around and I can see you are having the time of your lives. It’s always good to come around when the work is throttling you. It’s like coming up for air, you know.   … Continue reading

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