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Brainless banter

Don Imus  was caught at it again. Or rather, he said this time it is not what we think it is. Dude’s gotta realise that he’s been caught doing all the things a duck does a wee bit too much; … Continue reading

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I choose fiction.   Not because I’ve been forced to vote or anything as dramatic as that. Being alive in the world as we know it does that to you. To me.   It is reality and all that so we … Continue reading

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The grass is not greener over there

My faith in the media has been shaken. Profoundly. I know that sounds really pretentious since everyone’s mama told them never to believe the hype. I mean, newspapers are all in some evil overlord’s pocket and they preach what takes … Continue reading

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Lull before the storm

  I am not ashamed to ride on the back of some guy far, far away, who does not even know me. Point is he’s snuck in a punch and drawn blood.   One for the little guy, yippee!  

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