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  He is lying in bed making a thousand wishes. He is ready to take the least blessing if the Big Guy up there will grant it now. But somehow he knows that he’s been given all the blessings and … Continue reading

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The Ugandan moor

Sekamatte has been hearing rumours about Janeti and the guy she’s been seeing on the side for some time. As they are rumours and he sees himself as an upright young man, he has struggled with the burden, not knowing … Continue reading

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Greet me first

If you live in Uganda, particularly in the central part of the country, you have prolly gone through the pain of having to lick. I mean it the way you think I do. It’s a term I learnt from a … Continue reading

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Great weekend

Hooray to the Uganda Cranes. Blah, blah, blah and all that. In the dying minutes, our guys were gripped by a fear so strong, i thought they would drop the game. The keeper was visibly shaking in his boots, making … Continue reading

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