Adieu Shadrack


The earth is insatiable. It keeps on swallowing and nothing can ever fill its belly. We are all headed for the same exit, no matter what the rate of our movements but still, many times we all stop and marvel (or rather acknowledge with horror the rate at which our friends fall by the wayside).

And this is not even about us. We fight against the urge to personalize this feeling but it is never really about us. Until it is our turn.

An Old Boy from my school was clobbered by suspected robbers Friday. He had only been transferred to Eastern Uganda from a bank job to another that he was looking at as the next step in career climb.

Shadrack Makanga was killed on Friday “as he returned from Busia and his body was dumped on the roadside,” the post from a friend went, throwing a big community of old students of Busoga College Mwiri into a chill.

Ans so, the same question comes up; why do we have to live like this; why do we let impunity continue with no sign that those charged with ensuring our security are doing their jobs?

Ugandans have been taken for granted for so long and it is probably a systemic failing. That does not lessen the pain of losing friends in such senseless ways.

The robbers who killed Shadrack probably would not have thought about it one second before they carried out their ghastly act but Shadrack was a gentle soul. What I remember of him was a constant smile and a ready joke. All the time.

This here was a man on the verge of greatness. We should stop asking why not him and go on straight to when will the perps who did him in be caught and brought to justice.

Because only justice will satisfy us. Only when we know the killers have been an example of, only then shall we probably have some rest.

After school, I only ran into Shadrack a couple of times. He was one the more mindful Old Boys who genuinely asked about the life I was leading and I always felt I needed to be straight with him. I felt he was someone I considered a friend even when he was in the same A class as I back in school.

The way his death was broken to his family was also heart rending. The police found a utility bill in his vehicle, which had been driven off in the direction of northern Uganda. Around Nakasongola, the idiots managed to overturn the car. The number on the utility bill belonged to his landlord, so when the call came in, that’s how news came of Shadrack’s death.

The outpouring of emotion on social media is telling. Old men are crying over this latest murder. Byron put the outrage in words: “Its just annoying. A guy takes up a small job in the banking industry, works his way up to managerial level, contributing to society his tiny bit…this hard work n contribution is put to an end by thugs…just to gain where they did not sow…

Rest peacefully, comrade. We’ll meet on the other side.



About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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