Fueling the hate

Something landed in my mailbox; something that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The Robert Kennedy Foundation (RFK) has been working behind the scenes of the infamous fight to force Uganda’s parliament to change its mind about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009.

The fight is almost done, it seems. The president resisted calls for him to assent to the bill that would have confirmed allt he bad things that have been written about Uganda in the years since this piece of legislation was tabled. He has, at least for the tine being, refuse to be cowed into supporting it.


In recent times, Museveni has been taking the heat for being undemocratic. Now the West will say he’s the best there is

All that is good; no one will be killed or persecuted for his sexual preference. The donors will lay off and stop harassing Uganda, threatening to pull the aid, like they did two years ago.

What I take exception to is this bullying.

This attitude of Americans and other peoples spread across the globe to think they can dictate what should be said inside our parliament is enough to turn a good man into the most hateful homophobe.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,  the document starts with an air of importance. It goes on and on about how a delegation from RFK has been meeting with the president to discuss the bill.

 But it is stuff like this that makes you want to puke:

“The RFK Center reiterated that the government should focus on enforcing the Ugandan Penal Code provisions that already outlaw both opposite-sex and same-sex sexual abuse of minors. Should new legislation be introduced along the lines of the President’s suggestion, the RFK Center strongly advised that any bill should only focus on strengthening current child protection measures, may not discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, and must fully respect the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association.”

“The government SHOULD focus on…?” Seriously? In this day and age? “the RFK Centre STRONGLY ADVISED? Strongly advise this, you punks.

There are many people in my country who just don’t get it. They spew hate speech without even realising that they are polluting the world around them. These people make me feel the whole shame of being Ugandan. They are the ones who will go on social media and say things like kill the homos, even hen they have never met a homosexual person in their lives.

But I find myself fighting two demons because of statements like those above. I find that I am fighting against people like Richard Branson, keep quiet all their lives even when young children are being abducted and conscripted in rebel ranks, thereby destroying their futures but when something like this comes up, they are crying louder than the bereaved.


                                                                        Some rights activist!

This bullying is not doing a lot of good for the gay, lesbian and transgender course. Uganda is not the only country that has bigots running around.

When crazy people in the USA (yes, the States have homophobes in their thousands too) go out calling for legislation against gays, you don’t see Ugandans going out to demonise all things American.



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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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