A prole’s tale

In the age of eating rats, there are no mad men. When everything around has been reduced to dust, sane men are desperate to be seen as insane.

Societal norms call for rigid adherence or one can be sure they’ll hear the tribal drums in the distance, a harbinger of their impending doom. Forget what you know to be true; in these parts, it would serve you well to know your rules and to stick to them.

Even when it seems like it is the only way out, one cannot afford to play with convention. Our people demand that internationally unpopular legislation is pushed through even when among them there are many ‘educated’ ones.

So if you are a sophisticated prelate with a cool name (maybe, Michael), you have to know that your coolness stops at the borders.

The laws are unwritten but they are well known. Society does not know why they act the way they do. But like a creation in a lab somewhere by a mad scientist, the hate machine is unleashed on those who try to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Many think they are ‘modern’ and that they are not swayed by faulty logic. Many do not realise that their decisions have already been made for them long before they even got that sophistication.

We are a society that abhors same sex relations. We are a nation of Christians who believe in the Bible and that is that. Even those who have been ‘exposed’ to global thinking cannot find the stomach for these things.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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