But I am also Ugandan

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Yeah, I know; if you are a Ugandan who’s tried to ‘have your country at heart,’ it’s the story of your life. So I am going to make some adjustments, see if the feeling will change. It’s the age of feeling, y’know.

My phone book needs a thorough clean-up. Make that ‘needed.’ I lost my phone a few weeks ago and I can’t start to tell you how liberated I feel. There were all these contacts I have not called (and who’ve not bothered to find out out how I’m doing) in eons. As I rebuild a phonebook, I know I won’t be missing them.

My Facebook page needs changes too. Mark Zuckerburg is a liar, he tells you all those people who say they want to be your friends are really your friends. Check this out. They are not. Statistically, the most friends you can really have is about 10. Okay 12 if you bring in the example of Jesus, but then again, dude had three close chums among the 12. I have a little more than 200 on FB. There are people with 5000 friends but I am not envying them. Some of these free loaders have to go.

I need to start straight talking. I know I am African and all, but this business of listening meekly while some self-appointed leader lords it over me and my poeple is getting old. Instead of waiting for the end of the service before I can corner the preacher to ask what he thinks of the fact that most of the practices of our faith are copy-and-paste versions of old ‘evil’ religions, (even the whole nativity business), I should start doing it in the service. “‘Scusi, Pastor man, but jesuspuzzle.com’s got some serious allegations you need to check out,” I’d go.

My country bleeds and I can’t do anything. So because I think I have identified the culprits, I am sulking since I can’t shoo them away. I am hitting back by not voting because I don’t want to be giving them the legitimacy they need. I know because of this stance, I shouldn’t complain when the hyenas return to bleed my country some more but all the same, I am going to continue saying what I believe.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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5 Responses to But I am also Ugandan

  1. Dude, we are bros. 😀 We both hang out in Entebbe. And we both let go of old unkempt phonebooks recently. Yay! 😀
    I do not vote, because I do not want to give legitimacy, too! But you, it is the people (and, one would assume, a flawed process) you do not want to give legitimacy. Me, I see them—the people and the processes—as correct and fitting representatives of something silly that I do not want to give legitimacy by participating in it: democracy. Fuck democracy.

    But I do not do Facebook; thank God. On that one we differ.

    And on Jesus. Anybody who even thinks it is sane at all to think Jesus did not exist is quite honestly not very sensible. Josephus had more reason to deny Jesus, if He had not existed. We have more preserved accounts of Jesus than on Alexander the Great. Than of Aristotle, for cryin’ out loud. We count our years based on Him; and we are discussing Him passionately now. If Jesus did not exist, I do not exist (for there is less evidence of my having existed).

    That Jesus motifs show up in non-Judaic, non-Christian cultures does more to shore up the validity of Him, because the Bible promises that the peoples of the World will have natural revelation of God. As things go, why do we all sacrifice for the atonement of sins, if not because God wrote it into us, so that when the missionaries come, we shall understand? I used to go on at length about this on my new blog. 😀 Not very much, of late.

  2. Steven says:

    hehe, 3 years and counting but I still get the enchanted feeling whenever i cross the ‘ku Akright’ stage going home.

    You might be right afterall, this democracy fallacy is the pits. have you heard of Umicore? They rule the world.

    Oh, and I guess its the whole awesomeness of Christ but I have always had more than a belly-button-examination thing going on with him. I am always gripped when the debates start. Maybe because I know I am enslaved. I have tried to run away, to rebel but the web’s too tricky, can’t get away. What I find intolerable is leaders who confess him and yet they can’t defend their faith. A clever philosopher could seriously shake many of our preachers.

    Some weeks ago, i was listening to Ps Male going head-to-head with some pretender called Circumstance. The preacher was saved only because many of the callers cannot stand Circumstance. Otherwise, he had no case arguing about the divinity of God. Those are the ones I am fascinated about.

  3. I know that Circumstance guy. I used to think these debates were good, but now I realise that they are actually obscuring the truth. The truth is that God would have to be approached as a matter of faith; reason and all else be fucked. So, for as long as we are debating about it in a fashion that does not put faith at the forefront, we are not doing service to the truth. And you can bet these debates do not glory in faith, but rather in Euclidean-style reasoning.

    That pastor who got pinned is actually in the right track; he even believes in spite of not having seen, which is indeed the way to grasp the truth.

  4. Iwaya says:

    You know Steve, I used to have that belief that by not being part of the process, even in fighting to change it, I would be purer and I would be registering my discontent…then i started reading Malcolm X three weeks ago and I stumbled upon an Afro-American saying that, roughly, it’s the hinge that makes the most noise that gets oiled…basically you best make your unhappiness with a system by yelling about it, and not sulking (I’m trying not to write a thesis!).

  5. What if it the system where the noisy hinge getting rewarded is what you are opposed to? ‘Cause that’s my position, and I think it is really the lowest point in human governance when shit works like that.

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