Hunting party

I wonder what to think of our law. Recent efforts by the government in the fight against corruption would seem to point to a renewed commitment to rout out the vice once and for all.

A number of officials, who would never have had to fear for their futures in the past regarding their ‘official activities’, have been arresteed at Parliament. The joke is that if you are a big shot and get summoned to face some committee, pack your bags for jail. Coz, chances are that you’ll be facing a hostile group of politicians bent on showing the rest of us that they are straight; that they are good citizens trying to fight corruption. Of course, they do not want us to side-track them into questions on the silly increments they demand now and then in their salaries or the ridiculous demands for gas guzzlers. If they think there’s even a tiny sign of impropriety on your side, you are going to the Water.

But , I would think it has something to do with the pressure from without. After that embarassing business with the vanishing Aids/Tuberculosis and GAVI funds, top government people are trying hard to get out of the spotlight but nothing’s going, it seems.

The world thinks this corruption sheit is going too far; there are thieves in every government in the world, presumably and the world has come to accept that. But when the theft gets to the levels at which it has in Uganda, someone’s gotta stand up and say, “hell no!”

So we are probably going to be seeing a few more arrests and the top government people distancing themselves from the corrupt. We shall probably see all those laws that government is threatening to unleash coming into existance. Then the pressure will start to subside.

We sit here hoping that by the time we get into real big business, the thieves will be too scared to demnd for the huge cuts they do now. Maybe then, it will be subtle and it will be up to us to decide if they deserve a present or not.

As things stand today, business is not usual down this side.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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3 Responses to Hunting party

  1. Mckeith says:

    Well I realise the determination of the MPs. Of course they want us to see how they are determined to uproot corruption but then are the curlprits being brought to book. The ICT officialls went to pick some documents but never to return. What happened?
    Well if you start from the top, then come down to the person below. How much do our children know about corruption? Are we telling them enough the vice? Corruption is huge up there and the willingness to fight it is big BUT its a network of very many people.
    Enough of my rambling now…

  2. Sleek says:

    there’s a school of thought that holds that it’d take a number of generations to wipe out ‘the scourge’

  3. streetsider says:

    there is no wiping out the scourge unless there is a radical shift in national politics and peoples perspectives, we need a national event of staggering proportions to bring this about.

    the government is composed of crooks, the opposition is composed of crooks too. those who aren’t are so compromised it doesn’t matter. these people are selling off the country in bits and placating us (very successfully btw) with the occasional report

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