I’ll take…Kampala

The violence, as we all know, was not exactly surprising. This will happen again, one can be sure about that, as long as one side does not feel like they are getting a fair deal. And from what’s been doing the rounds, people are not satisfied.

People are not sufficiently cowed though. Arresting 160 people is redundant, really. I am thinking, we should be looking at the next step. What should we do?

Having grown up in Kampala, I am a certified assimilado. My people come from elsewhere but all I know, all I can really hold materially as important has been right here.

I would have just looked on to the next event if not for the disturbing undercurrents of violent tribalism that were exhibited during the four days of mayhem. The sight of a beat up Lt. Col. Kulayigye at Bulange (what in hell was he doing in that area at that time of all times?) can’t be easily erased.

The good Colonel was told to sing the Ekitiibwa kya Buganda and reportedly forced to do other things he’d never have done by his own volition.

But I heard the unmistakable hate chants directed at people with long noses and for me, that’s scary. I might see myself as an assimilated musoga (not even from the west, you see) but to many people, I look like I am from Mbarara, all because of deceptive facial features.

I have been called a mulaalo for long enough for me to know that should those idle threats ever tip over into real action, it would be wise for me to stay indoors. Or throw in my lot with the devil.

This then brings in other issues that would have seemed unthinkable to me. I do not like the way this government is going about the business of governing my country but if it is going to keep the madness underneath, short of fleeing, I might find myself going to the polls in 2011 with an amended view of what ‘voting wisely’ means.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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6 Responses to I’ll take…Kampala

  1. The 27th Comrade says:

    Bear with my slowness of mind, friend, but that last sentence is loaded – the point, if I dare guess, of the whole post – but it is not entirely very clear. Pray soften it for me, friend. (Or widen it into a post of its own.) Thank you. 🙂

  2. AfroGay says:

    No, ES, you are taking isolated incidents of malcontent and conflating them into a tribal problem that doesn’t exist.

    Buganda has voted for this president in greater numbers than they have for anyone else. There is simply no evidence to suggest that this is a racial/tribal problem. And, of course, if the Baganda had it in for all Balaalo, we know you all live and don’t need anyone to guide us to your homes to do you in. We haven’t done that because we have nothing against you as a tribe/people. The Baganda are the most welcoming tribe in Uganda – if you don’t believe this, try finding out which area of Uganda has been most settled by people from other parts of Uganda – peacefully at that.

    What we have problems, big problems with is the wanton theft, abuse of office, the impunity and total disregard for professed ideals by a government that has been in power for 23 years. Unfortumately, all the thieves and kleptocrats are predominantly Balaalo. But that doesn’t mean all Balaalo are thieving, and I assure you we Baganda don’t have to be told that.

    I have taken a stab at analysing what the real problem is here:


    Have a look in your own time.

    Finally, if this were really a tribal problem, nothing, not even a ballot box would save other tribes from the conflagration that would follow. It is testament to the fact that it isn’t that even as I write this, we are mingling and living with all the “Banamawanga” in Buganda in harmony.

    We have nothing against other tribes – we are frustrated that people we trusted to pull the country out of the doldrums have betrayed and disappointed us, too. Unless they are related to the rulinig family, I would imagine that all the other peoples of the other tribes share these sentiments.

  3. Anonymous says:

    AfroGay, I’m sure you have heard the threats, usually thrown around by idle youths. These are the people most maleable, you know. An evil manipulator loves youths such as these.

    @27th, you know the drill.

  4. mckeith says:

    There is a sudden silence that tells me not to comment. I felt a huge rant as I read your post. But I believe that a few people In buganda are involved in this sort of hate campaign.

  5. AfroGay says:


    Precisely. The hate incidents are isolated and not concerted. More to the point, they have nothing to do with the current standoff between Mengo and Museveni.

    If there was an organised tribal vendetta by the Baganda against any other tribe, believe me we would wipe these guys out in a few days since we know where they live (even if we couldn’t identify them on sight) and we overwhelm them numerically in Buganda. There is no such scheme because we have no problem living with other tribes in Buganda.

  6. Seasons says:

    Careful neighbors….. be very careful to craft any tribal agendas in this political stand off.

    We Kenyans already demonstrated to the whole world how stupid this tribe thing is. I feel it is in Museveni’s interest to propagate a tribal agenda. Don’t fall for it.

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