A nation of losers

It’s always amazed me that the USA where almost everyone is taken to be literate is still home to some of the most ignorant people. The other day when a few people were asked to identify British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, no one could pass the test. They were all shown pictures of the man and asked who they thought it was. All of them laughed apologetically, guessing that he was probably a criminal, an alderman and even a musician.

It was explained away as the effects of growing up in a strong country that has the rest of the country looking up to it. This meant that they did not really have to stress their brains with facts about the wider world.

I don’t buy it.

And also, Maj. James Kinobe has at last been given a job. Remember how he was posted to Moscow yet there is already an envoy? Well, it seems the man who dishes out jobs for politicians has heard his cries and decided to save him from the humiliation of having to answer to that annoying question, “So, Major, what are you doing these days exactly ?”


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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8 Responses to A nation of losers

  1. antipop says:

    albeit they would know Tony Blair…

  2. Baz says:

    I am sure it depends on who you ask. If you walk through Wall Street they will know Gordon Brown, but if you go to Rodeo Drive, they won’t have his time. Just like in Kampala. If you go to Luwum Street, people have other things to think about, but if you go to Makerere, or to your typical newsroom, you will find …. actually, I would not put money on you finding enough people who know who Gordon Brown is in those places either.

  3. The Phantom says:

    I still think alot of slack should be cut for Ugandans and any other people who do not have the same privileges as the Americans do. Deep down in the villages, radio rules and so a number of people know their world news. Of course since TV coverage is not at the same level, someone would probably not know the likeness of Brown in ibulanku but if they’ve been listening to their ka coackroach, they’d win that money.

    But kids Americans grow up with all this news around them and go and throw it all away. It probably tell us that the news is just crap but hey, it still baffles me about them.

  4. Carsozy says:

    Yes they watch TV and lots of it too but in a vast and developed nation like the USA they watch local TV most of the time which has no time for Brown. ask a kid here who watches MTV from Kololo whether they know who Tsvangirai is or Medvedev.

  5. mphoebe says:

    @ Baz: If Gordon Brown goes to Wall street, none of them will understand what he’s saying… they wont comprehend any other accent other than their own.

  6. mphoebe says:

    @Phantom:I would advise you to stop watching american tv shows, but then that would leave me a hypocrite; so i will so say, dont take anything on there any seriously

  7. chanelno5 says:

    Baz do a check in your news room and as people to say something about mali and see if they will put up one paragraph on truth.

  8. Baz says:

    Okay. What about Latveria? I bet most newsrooms– Even CNN — don’t know who the leader of Latveria is.

    But seriously, I agree, Gordon Brown has influence on their lives, but for the most part, Chris Brown will concern people more.

    Wait. Was that seriously?

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