Brainless banter

Don Imus  was caught at it again. Or rather, he said this time it is not what we think it is. Dude’s gotta realise that he’s been caught doing all the things a duck does a wee bit too much; quack, walk, smell…


So maybe it is a problem with words. Proverbs 18:21 says some strong things about the tongue. There is destructive power. If you don’t watch what you say, chances are that you are going to get burned.


But I have a feeling morning radio is the same the world over. Here, we had Alex say the most brainless things for ages and we loved him until he became a has-been and was relegated to the afternoon. And we all know what it means when Capital throws you to the afternoon when you’ve been the star. But Alex is not on morning radio and so is not the subject here.


We’ve got Abbey, Kato and the rest on CBS’ Kalisoliso, one of the most widely listened to shows in Central Uganda doing their thing. We have PK Bbosa and Ddembe Zaina over at Kaboozi ku Bbiri (Radio station in the middle of Kampala). We have all those others that you get a chance to learn about if you do the morning commute in a taxi.


We have Fatboy and that chick I have failed to like at Sanyu on the biggest show of them all. You only have to take your pick.


These shows are not about ‘important,’ politically correct subjects. In fact, the more brainless a presenter is, the bigger the chances that they’ll be approached by headhunters from that new station that’s starting and that’s rumoured to have a goldmine on its premises.


The result is often embarrassing. These poor souls know why they’ve been hired and they know they can’t afford to slacken in their funny routine. Because the penalty could be anything. So they pull out all the stops; they pull out used and re-used jokes, bad jokes, off-colour jokes, brainless jokes and even threaten to beat the laughter out of.


When you start joking about Dr Kiggundu’s funeral, you are really out there in the wild. Alone like Crusoe.


But then again, you can’t expect that morning deejays will bombard you with heavy material on currency trading and how you can make money out of it without being involved in the rat race.


It’s so hard out there being a clown.




About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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11 Responses to Brainless banter

  1. petesmama says:

    He he… smiling at so many things here. So many.

  2. antipop says:

    its so hard out there being a clown…say steven, are you talking from experience? should i start looking out for you on my morning show?

  3. Joshi says:

    Alex Ndawula? the guy who used to do dance force over the weekends? Is a has been? Have i been away too long????

  4. Zack says:

    And you get worried when the real clowns are themselves trying to be taken seriously… it could just be that we were all moved to another world and no one’s noticed yet!

  5. chanel says:

    Man that chic from Sanyu is as brainless as they come. Its embarrasing listening to her. And really wat is Amarula still doing in show biz. Same jokes year in year out Always about boy meets girl sex, detooth, urgh

  6. Miss Cheri says:

    Don Imus is straight racist. One can get away with one thing…but 2, hah!!! He shdn’t be on radio.

    Joking about a dead person (even if it’s Knoy) is cold blooded. But u guys, is Melanie that bad? Or is there a new presenter on Sanyu breakfast? I didn’tmind her, it’s Mr Prez that I had a bone to pick with. Many bones akshully.

  7. chanel says:

    Melanie is Blondie from the GOD

  8. Mudamuli says:

    I used to love Radio One’s morning show because of the guy who used to imitate M7 and the fact that they could call up my Mom when she turned 50 to wish her a happy birthday.

    Then I tried capital and got bored.

    Now I’m on KFM because of Kasanvura and nani’s gossip and Roger’s voice but I’m getting tired of that too.

    Can’t stand Sanyu’s though. Tried it and failed to like it. But I like Mr. President’s voice. Once I asked them to call an arrogant and snobbish friend of mine and I loved the way Mr. President freaked him out.

  9. DeTamble says:

    I HATE listening to the radio!! HATE IT!!

  10. Carlo says:

    You and Antipop have the same rant. He he he.

  11. kobayashi says:

    Can’t they just play music? I take refuge in my yahoo player; I don’t mind a few Gyeco ads.

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