I choose fiction.


Not because I’ve been forced to vote or anything as dramatic as that. Being alive in the world as we know it does that to you. To me.


It is reality and all that so we cannot really escape, unless we are high on some grass. But if there were a way out of it…heck, that there should be a way out!


Reality means joining the rat race every morning and doing what proles do; be insignificant in the world and look on as politicians take you for granted. You are told to be greatful because at ‘at least,’ you can sleep, so shut the eff up and be an idiot. Twenty years down the road, you are told that you are wallwing in poverty because you sleep too much. Now is there justice anywhere in this galaxy?


It means always being unsure. Unsure of what’s going to give you gas at lunch, seeing as a new cook delivers your food every day or just how you’ll get home in the evening. The fares climb from A to B to whatever before you can open your mouth and say “bloodsuckers!”


Being alive in Uganda means putting your life in the hands of some loon every morning because you can’t keep on driving to town, what with the crazy petrol prices! Its wiser to leave your wheels at home and chapa muguu. The fools drive like they are the devil’s first son and if you ever say anything about the speed; he kicks you out of the kamunye or tells you to buy your own.


Reality is all red. It is red blood drying on the hot tarmac, congealing with the yellowish brains of some unlucky old man who was hit by a Humvee driven by a teen who’d stolen it from his mom’s garage.


That’s why I choose this reality branded fake by the world. The poor souls do not understand the workings of the matrix.


This world can be manipulated and show me a person that hates to manipulate their condition. This here, this fiction is certain victory in whatever conflict. Blushing belles to kiss, dangerous dragons to slay and PVC tights to don; that is the life.


Fiction empowers you. You alone have access to the strings and all the puppets march to your tune. This is nirvana.









About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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9 Responses to Delirium

  1. chanelno5 says:

    Oh, boots

  2. chanelno5 says:

    One of these years we will turn into a Zimbabwe where only if you are a generals relative can you afford to have a life in your own country. That kid, you have heard of his? Its his car by the way and if you raise your voice at him you will be deported just like that pakistani guy. In your case, you will be told to find another nationality forget that the kids skin is white and yours is black. But he knows number one and his crooners and you dont. His father owns half of Kampala so really who are you? Ani akumanyi, get out of his way if you cant shut up when he knocks you with his SR plated four wheel

  3. petesmama says:

    Me too.

  4. DeTamble says:

    Most of what you wrote just went way over my head today, but ‘PVC tights to don’ ohhh yeeeaaaaah!!

  5. DeTamble says:

    That kid with the car? He’s white? Nasty, snotty nosed white brats! HATE THEM! We have several of those around here, mostly I’d be very happy to take a brick to their face!

  6. Miss Cheri says:

    Petrol is even more expensive than cars these days. Too bad.

    But Chanel,,,that Zimbabwe thing… I bind.

  7. phoebe says:

    and am glad to have met you. in this fiction world that you have created.
    am grateful that u allow me room, because otherwise, it would be my red blood drying on the Tarmac (did this actually happen?!)

  8. Joshi says:

    Viva La Fiction!!

    In my world we don’t wear PVC or kiss belles..we wear military camouflage, stage fake roadblocks and arrest kids driving in humvees who knock dead people..we apprehend them before they can whip out that cellphone and hit speed dial 1 for daddy..we beat them up and bind, torch the humvee and bury his body under that lone tree in the far distance when you are driving to Gaba sides..

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