Tightening the belt

These days, to sound cool, sophisticated and all those words that describe the state of being a pretentious snob, you have to sprinkle your conversations with, “the cost of living is too high.” It gives you extra mileage if you can steal figures from the papers to make it all the more serious.


But don’t be there thinking that it is just talk. Uganda, like the rest of the world, we are told, is experiencing the highest food prices in ages. For those who live in E-Town you know what this means on another level. Entebbe being a frontier has all food coming from elsewhere. It comes in from Kampala or from across the lake in Masaka so we have to pay extra for the fuel that the Good Samaritans use to come save us from starvation.


We don’t grow our food because you see, traditionally, or at least since the white people came, it was an administrative centre and there were very few gardens. Long after the capital shifted to Kampala, the town is still sleepy. All the praises that people heap on it for being clean and peaceful and whatnot must have gotten to its head.


Can something be done, not only in Ebbs but everywhere? I mean since forever, the price of a razor blade has been 50 shillings. Double Happiness matchboxes from China were always at the same price and even good old humble Orbit changed names and went mad.


I can understand it when the rest of the world starts crumbling under the pressure of rising oil prices but I always had so much faith in the Chinese. Now they’ve also lost it. It must be the Gorbachev Bug. Someone must have injected the Chinese finance ministers with a Capitalist serum. Double Happiness at 100 shillings?


So what do we do? Right now, we are going through desperate times. But when sanity is restored, what shall we do? This whole thing has forced me once again to think about accountability. I admit that it doesn’t matter how I voted, the point is the guys up there are using my money to do things. If the things they are doing are not helping in making my life easier then maybe its time to call in Stonecold Steve Austin.


For instance, next time Nasasira comes for On the Spot, please kick out Kasyate and bring Tumwi. The ijot could not utilize the chance to fix him! He could not find just one road with potholes to trap the minister on.





About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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6 Responses to Tightening the belt

  1. Minty says:

    You still use double hapiness matches? Nze I’m now with wax matches like Krishna and all its counterfeited cousins.
    I have never seen Kasyate’s cocky satisfied look slip off down his chin like it did yesterday. Nasasira was way too crafty on that one. Can’t blame the boy much.

  2. Joshi says:

    Assure me Kasyate was outwitted? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…he must have been bamboozled! I had no idea Nasasira was that sneaky, he looks totally different in papers..but then again he has been in power for long! That’s just sad, about the matches, suprised there is no Ugandan or Chinese who has moved to Uganda who is manufacturing those things..i mean it’s just some wood and abit of phosporous!

    Oh yeah on the figures and the trying to talk and sound smart, you should have seen President Affeweki on Riz Khan last night..im a generation X’er so the languages i speak are google and youtube

  3. tumwijuke says:

    Oh, I have an entire speech on the superficial increase of food prices in Uganda. An entire speech. At the early morning market I go to, prices are very much the same. Of course there are the seasonal variations, but local produce still costs pretty much the same – forget what the media says. I think it just goes down to making the right choices, finding meaninful alternatives and saying no to being taken for a fool.

    Oh now you have inspired me … Off I go to rant on my own blog.

    Em, thank you for the vote of confidence, but replacing Kasyate is not, NOT, flattering at all. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but shows like his are the reason I don’t own a TV.

  4. obtusity says:

    Obtusity says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. chanel says:

    And I thought I was the only one who thinks Kasyate and Mwenda are are are are, I dont even have a word to use here. They are two faced, two timers, will pour scorn on govt officials and when their cars are clumped for wrong packing, they will call those officials just so you know they are important. Yeah I am the one who doesnt mind saying it. And did you guys notice Kasyate’s benz? yeah he has one if he hasnt yet told you about it.

  6. Uniqueness says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Uniqueness!!

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