Arrivals and departures

Three years ago, I was introduced to blogging. A persistent friend just could not let the mater rest, even when I told him I would check out the action from the sidelines then make a decision. At the end of 2005, I opened my first blog.


And it has been a very interesting journey so far. Nothing is as captivating on the net for me. When I get to office, I check out different items on the net or just on my Outlook but it is the Blogs that make up the best part of my day.


My method is just reading and reading and reading. I don’t usually comment; like a fly-on-the-wall thing. I walk in and out of peoples’ lives and sample their souls without them necessarily knowing it. And it is very cool.


I am not a voyeur. I just like things to happen in their natural state and I believe that any sudden movements on my part might change the way things are supposed to be. And I don’t want that to happen. So I remain a silent observer and learn volumes.


Over time, there have been a number of interesting bloggers and street philosophers, who’ve ebbed and returned and ebbed and returned… That’s just the way things are. New heroes appear on the scene and we all wonder, “Where in the world have you been all this time?”


People are out there reading your blog. There are many silent observers who live for blogs but never muster enough cojones to start their own. Because they are either too busy and they think it will be difficult to keep it up or because they think they can’t stand up to you, Ivan.


Good thing is that every once in a while, a new one takes the plunge and gives us all a new look at things. We have to admit that things were a lot different BA (Before Antipop). Same goes for 3333333333. Remember the days when Tumwi was just Omutahinga? She wrote very differently. Then came out as the Insomniac and made us all re-evaluate.


’Coz this thing is big. Some times you feel on top of things and you want to share your triumphs. Sometimes you feel like if you put out your thoughts, you’ll be guilty of twisting the minds of the young people of the world. And y’all know what will come to people who cause children to sin.


Have you checked out Lulu’s blog? My friend is in awe of her and I didn’t really know why till I read it all again. She’s one of those who waited in the shadows till the tide was just right.


There was a time. There was a time when a black man called Jay ruled the Ugandan blogosphere. He wrote like a Csar. His dedication was akin to what the 27th Comrade had till a couple of months ago. I somehow believe Jay was reincarnated and he is writing under a different name and style. There was Jane and Raymond and Undo and…They are not putting out as much as they used to.


All this is to remind us that things change. When change comes, the wise always bend in compliance. Coz standing in a gale breaks the sturdiest oak. Even while I enjoy reading and commenting on blogs from across Africa, I don’t feel like I have it me anymore. I tried to convince myself it was just a bad case of writers/ blogger’s block but now I know I have to go back to the basics and see where the wiring went wrong. Or right, for that matter, for it might be some treasure I am sitting on and I haven’t realised what it is yet.


I am planning to go on leave and, as one blogger wrote recently, get my groove back. My friend Fifi had a baby, Ethan, and I am going over to spoil the little man. I am also going to make my dream come true, start my own cottage industry so I can retire young, retire rich. I am also going to practice enough to become confident on the freeway, so I can drive to Busoga and Ankole. Tight programme, huh?


Ugandan blogs forever.





About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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10 Responses to Arrivals and departures

  1. tumwijuke says:

    Enjoy the break and come back soon.

  2. Cheri says:

    Eh, tight programme bruh.

    I remember the days when a blogger’d announce that they are “retiring” or commiting blogger “suicide” and I’d grovel begging them to reconsider; Like Iwaya,Rev,Jay,Minty,Savage,Lissing Mink etc and they still went AWOL on us; but sooner rather than later, they’d all come back and it only occured to me that t’was a phase of “getting one’s groove back”. (Jay still has to make a comeback though)

    When I experienced it, I realised how good t’is for one to view from the sidelines for like a month or so and then come revitalised(!).

    So Dear ol’Phantom, go ahead and drive East and West…and when u return home(I had to ressurect that cliche), be sure to tell us all the stories.

    Say hi to Ethan.

    I’m sorry I posted a post here…

  3. savage says:

    Best wishes mate.

  4. I hang out at Lulu’s blog. 🙂

    Kasita your space is reserved.

  5. cb says:

    Oh my man you have written this like back in the day when Lovely Amphibian was Lovely Amphibian! I feel the feel of the beat and i understand. Because blogging is draining. Blogging can drive a bull crazy. Many times i’ve contemplated quiting but have never mustered enough drive to really jump on the plane. And I’m like you. I read all kinds of blogs and i love talking to bloggers and asking the question “why do you blog?” And i hate commenting as much as i’ve realised comments we leave on blogs seldom make sense.
    It’s good of you go out and breath in. Never know you could meet along the way.

  6. duksey says:

    I love this post so much.I hope you will be back soon.I will keep peeping at you from ma desk.

  7. DeTamble says:

    Damn it! You too?
    I wont throw a tantrum…so long as you promise to be back by July!

  8. mphoebe says:


  9. The Phantom says:

    Phoebes? You okay?

  10. Peace says:

    😆 @ Phoebe.

    Come back soon.

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