Kajiiko ne sukaali, mugaati gwa bata!

Last night I decided to open up the bottle of D’Avignon that a friend brought home last week. Since Mukyala has decided that she does not want to become an alcoholic and that one drunk is enough for a house the size of ours, I was thinking, “this is the life!”

But alas, it was not all so smooth. I looked around for a cork screw and couldn’t find one. As if one had unpacked itself from the shelf of a shop someplace and taken a taxi to my place. I wanted to drink and I wasn’t getting any smooth answers to the conundrum.

So I got the knife.

Opening a wine bottle with a knife is something I could perfect, maybe, for a later career in the circus. I fought and fidgeted till I had cracked the neck. But not to be outdone, I got the broken piece off and transferred the contents to a Ribena bottle.If you happen to be in my hood sometime this week, around Entebbe ways, look around for a bottle of wine disguised as a bottle of Ribena.

And in other news…


Malaeka is growing violent. I don’t know if it means it is time to take her to boarding school yet. I mean, when she’s cranky, she pulls onto anything and no amount of pleading will convince her to release your nose or your ear or your eye!




What is really happening with our cops? I watched on TV last week and it was like 1984 all over again and I don’t mean Orwell’s book. In Uganda in 1984, we have been told that that shit with people running from cops was all too real.


And I am not explaining that title.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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6 Responses to Kajiiko ne sukaali, mugaati gwa bata!

  1. jasmine says:

    if u take that child to boarding school, you and i are through!

    kati, where did you say the ribena bottle was? top left shelf? or was it bottom right…(just might be Goldilocks today).

  2. magoola says:

    I guess you really had to have that drink.

    Are you planning to take ya daughter to boarding school in primary school?

    And yeah, we get the title.

  3. tumwijuke says:

    Simple trick for the cork screw challenged: Place the bottle of wine in a boiling pot of water for about 10 seconds, while pushing down with blunt object (me, I use a jiko). When you remove it from the water, the cork will slow start sliding to the top.

    Alternatively, do the modern think and buy a cork screw …

  4. kigandaskunk says:

    Hmmm-wonder why we didnt think of the knife -had some friends who used a screw driver to push that cork down……hmmmm joke was on them….

  5. The Phantom says:

    Nate, i don’t seriously think i will be taking her to boarding school. Like Achebe’s Unoka, i guess the father has had enough of boarding school for three generations.

  6. antipop says:

    rotflmao! really phantom, boarding school? already? yes i was goin to ask about the title. can i still ask for u to explain? pliz?
    i prefer wine in a box(cheap i know, but completely hustle free)
    consider specfying how you want your gifts to look like next time. or you could fake a birthday and send out a wish list to blogsville…

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