Devil in Africa

Been reading Kezio’s blog and I came across that old problem of xenophobia. It is really frustrating that Africans should meet this kind of problems here in Africa, after all the shit that’s thrown at them when they venture into the colder climes.


We have all heard of the stupid questions that are asked when one travels to the USA or to Europe. “Do you people still sleep in trees?” Over the years, we have grown a thick skin and we have even found ways of turning the other cheek about it.


But in Africa?


Maybe it shouldn’t really be that surprising. If you have been to some places in Kampala that have many white clients, you have prolly experienced it. I did. Will never forget my first visit to The Rocks at Speke Hotel. I sat with my cousin for a while before I realised that the waitresses were just standing around looking at us. Like fwaa


Then some white couple comes in and they jump.


Never went back to that place again till last week when my boss was throwing a dinner for some big shot designer and I had to be there to swell the numbers.



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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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5 Responses to Devil in Africa

  1. On the waitress: it will take a Communist revolution (and a Stalinist-style dictatorship with lots of We-Are-Superior propaganda) to reverse the negative effects of the inferiority complex kneaded into us by the colonialists to make us tamer when they needed to make us slaves on our own soil.
    The inferiority complex runneth deeper than you can imagine.

    On the South Africans. Well, those White South Africans are so removed from the Africa that hosts them that it is merely pretence to say they are Africans – that they are `one of us’.
    Leeta umshini wamu.

  2. kwesiga says:

    Happened to me yesterday at Cafe Paps. I sat to surf and it was after two white chicks sat down afterwards and got served that they thought it fit to ask if I wanted something.

    The white chick has a laptop, so do I
    She asked for Coke, so could I
    She was smiling all the time, Not me. Got things on my mind and money to make, what’s smiley about that?
    During CHOGM, it will happen often. Your favourite Kafunda will for a moment become the mzungu’s exclusive.

  3. antipop says:

    i cldnt agree wit u mo.
    i will discuss taxis.
    once a muzungu sat on that front row seat where the conductor
    normally sits. the usual ting would be for the conductor to find none existent space next to the passenger, prod his elbow in their ribs and force them to make room for him. not this time. he had to go and do that in the seat behind the muzungu, ad torment some poor muganda woman

  4. antipop says:

    my other taxi moment
    once me and a friend were
    tryna cross one of kampala’s streets
    to no avail when some two whte chicks came and stood
    right beside us.
    my friend then just remarked on how easy it was goin to be
    now that the lighter skinned specie was there
    and true to her wors, just then ataxi slowed down for them to
    cross, but when we attempted to follow suit,
    the driver would have none of it. he almost knocked us down.
    we had to find a less crowded street to go across.

  5. Minty says:

    Some black South African said she had never been to Africa, meaning ‘rest of Africa’ .
    I feel you on discriminative waitresses; so infuriating.

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