Dar vs EAC

So the Tanzanians have contradicted recent media reports that they do not want to be part of the East African Community. Question is; who’s really fooling who? Seems it is going to be the way the cookie crumbles even in this issue that the politicians say one thing and the public says something else and there is nothing wrong with that.


In the story carried in the local Ugandan media, the ministers tasked with preaching the gospel of the community came out of their meeting smiling and confident that their common goal will be achieved soon, regardless of what we have heard about the way the majority of Tanzanians feel about it.


Dr Ibrahim Masabaha, the Tanzanian minister said 97% of Tanzania actually want to fraternize with us, as in the rest of us who are gunning for the EAC.


It has been said that Tanzania does not want to be with us probably because of the stereotypes. Mbu Kenyans are too aggressive and Ugandans are too slippery. Stereotypes, as I said.


Is there any truth to these things? And if this is true then there should be something about Tanzanians that the rest of us would not like, right? But that’s what co-existence is about. You decide to do things with someone even when you know about their shortcomings. A song comes to mind…Sunny days/ Everyboby loves them/ Can you stand the rain…Boyz II Men.


Can we go it alone? Do we need Tanzania? What happens if the truth is that the population’s thoughts are not the same as those of the politicos?


We have been told that we would be better off if we got together in an economic grouping. 5 countries. 150 million people with free access across borders. Make that 7, counting DR Congo and Southern Sudan and maybe we are looking at a market of more than 200 mil.


Why would anyone want out of such an arrangement? Maybe the guys down south know something we do not, no?


PS: Our president thinks African leaders are dorks! “African leaders have no wisdom because they do not fear the Lord,” the big guy said at the National Prayer Breakfast. Yup, we have a National Prayer Breakfast here.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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7 Responses to Dar vs EAC

  1. Fuck Dar. They need us. We only need them to polish up on our Swahili.

    Hey, if I were in charge, I’d have invaded KE and TZ long ago and made one superstate in EA. This shit of just wasting our time … we didn’t ask for the border split, yet it was made by them European downpressors. Now we want to keep the scars of European Imperialism?

    Sevo is just too mild. Me? No fuck with I and I.

  2. tumwijuke says:

    Did you ever consider that the media has gone done it again and misquoted/misrepresented the facts?

  3. the phantom says:

    @ Tumwi: maybe. But if they didn’t want to be in the community, it wouldn’t be surprising given the fact that they are still generally communist and we (KE and Ug) are at the extreme of that continum. Maybe they just feel they don’t fit.

  4. duksey says:

    I think it has alot to do with Tz’s background.Having been a docile state, they think its gona be hard moving on.They are afraid of being dominated by Ug n Kenya, gene getting lost in the EA

  5. Minty says:

    Maybe TZ is scared of having to speak English while the rest catch up on Kiswahili. But I think they just do not want to be bullied by someone as clever as the Conqueror of the Great Lakes Empire (M7).

  6. kanzaali says:

    I wish the big guy would quote more from the bible than from his granary of proverbs. Then I would believe he actually fears the Lord.

  7. lissingm says:

    Hey! I like Tanzanians

    And I wonder why in the midst of all the stereotyping we think we are sharper than they are?

    if you ask me they are more slippery than ugandans- and their passive aggression outdoes the Kenyans any day…

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