Jonny McRandom

railaHi my peoples. Been trotting all around and I can see you are having the time of your lives. It’s always good to come around when the work is throttling you. It’s like coming up for air, you know.


And work’s been tight. Someone tell me what the best medicine is for a dysfunctional IT department. Because of the things they do (or do not do), the work we all have to do at The Company is growing exponentially.


I have been thinking of that place like a photograph called Lake Bunyonyi. Is it all that? Maybe I should consult this guy about the validity of all the things that are said about Bunyonyi. Y’see, I am fast approaching a landmark in my life. Next month. Where has all the time gone?


It’s going to be the very first time for me to hold such a function and from what I hear, the first cut is the deepest or words to that effect, as said by an old fart high on Speed. I sure cannot be asking Dumb Blonde at the office about matters of such import, now, can I?


There’s something good about being forced to dress up formally. When the dress code changes wherever you are, you get a chance to see miles and miles of legs. Why do some people want to hide their legs all day long when in most cases it’s the best thing that has happened to them?


Raila came around at my place of work. He was given such a welcome. It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as many ‘big’ people come around to yap for two hours here. What I would have wanted to ask him is; “Are we going to vote for you, jamma?” I mean, isn’t it strange that this Kenyan is making his visit here such a spectacle? Oba its just Ugandans being Ugandans, boiling (frothing) for a moment at something new then losing interest? But then, it seems we have closet Kenyans here.


Anyone read Ben Okri? That dude is off the hook –  literally. I mean, I have tried to read The Famished Road like a gazillion times but I have failed. The literature world thinks he is good so why cant I get through just one of his books? It is good in the beginning but that routine about the ghost child always seeing demons wears out even before the middle. But he just goes on and on and on…


My country has rounded up refugees of Rwandan extraction and sent them home fighting and biting. I mean what have we come to? Someone comes to your place to escape danger and you toss them back into the fire? Some hospitality!


Do cats get to go to heaven?




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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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7 Responses to Jonny McRandom

  1. On the Rwandese … I dunno, did they want to go back, or not? Was it forcible?

    Cats go to heaven. 🙂

  2. Iwaya says:

    Dogs think they are God, Cats KNOW they are God! You want me to explain that further?

    I’m ready for a jump too like you are. I will tell you more when we speak.

  3. Aseu says:

    Thought I would make a firstie for the first tim in my blog life but in vain.
    27th beat me to it.

  4. Joshi says:

    The last few weeks, baby, work, 1yr i like to say ‘big tings agwan’.

    I thought with the whole EAC lovey-dovey ish i thought borders where removed, i mean it’s not like they are claiming benefits from the gov’t..

    Im so lookin for that book, dude..

    forget dumb blonde, go for posh high talkin’ johnny..he’s bound to give u some killer tips on keepin a big crowd happy and what’s not in vogue..but on seconds..

  5. tumwijuke says:

    Don’t feel bad about Ben Okri. He’s a collector’s item, more or less. Few will ever read him to the end. I think it’s the effort to read that counts.

  6. lissingm says:

    cats guard the doors to heaven- you’d better be nice!

  7. y.z. says:

    You’re right! ( THE FAMISHED)…..I got past the middle of Chapter 3, dozed off, forgot about it for a year, found it and tried again…..failed again. Its my new year resolution. I will finish it before the next world cup.

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