Many years ago, when I joined secondary school, the student community was still reeling from a scandal the previous term. Apparently, the chapel prefect had been caught in a compromising situation with a Form One student.

My old school is a single sex school.

When we joined, there was a kind of electricity around the school. When a new student as much as looked in the direction of the chapel, older students would take them aside and give them a real scare. “Don’t go over to that side of the school. It is the real bad side.” Or words to that effect.

The kingdom suffered some those years but as we all know, the Dude already said those immortal words, “I shall build my kingdom and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Those who don’t believe it can go ahead and butt they heads on the walls trying to disprove the wisdom.

Anyway, moving ahead, it is a fact that there are people of deviant persuasions among us. Instead of craving to lie with little girls, some little boys want to lie with little boys. Like changing the line, “…kissed the girls and made them cry…” in Georgie Porgie.

But apart from this disagreeable nature, is there anything good that they can do? The jeremiads in the papers seem to tell of only gloom and bad tummies for anyone who engages in butty-riding.

So many of us don’t like the way MJ conducts himself. Or Kells for those who were not born in the Stone Age. But can we say we will judge these dudes according to their private lives or their talents? For one, we all know that Kells is better known for his sizzling voice and the magic he can do to an old song that’s been forgotten by humanity.

Regardless of the truth in the claims that MJ does little boys, who can hold their own against him when he starts to pull his version of the moonwalk?

A very talented musician in Uganda might never make it onto the world stage because rumours of his strange tastes are starting to roll out. He might not get the rave reviews, the recognition for being better than the best on the stage today, the money that comes with standing there and smiling stupidly as you swing a silly phone being peddled by a super phone company…

Maybe we are still far inside the woods. Society is not going to ‘open up’ that easily. We are proud Africans who would rather do our stuff in the closet (fathers defiling their daughters and being protected by their wives so that the clan is not shamed, et al). We are not push-overs, siree. But while we work out our insecurities and beliefs, it would be good for us to remember that before we are sexual beings, we are people first.

People are very unpredictable. You could pick up a stone to kill the evil fag on the ground only to be called to another lynching where your son is being given that same medicine because he said he leads an LGBT group.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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5 Responses to Sideways

  1. Be silent says:

    F I R S T I E…..Muhahahahahaha

  2. I like this. I really do. It is basically my point on homosexuals: we may not be gay, but we all do our fair bit of deviance. Is government corruption a pardonable offence – which results in deaths – while being gay ain’t?

    There is this Ugandan blogger who is gay over here.
    Maybe I should tell him not everyone is trying to kill him.

    And who is that `gay’ artist?

  3. gayuganda says:


    27th directed me here. A welcome diversion. I may get locked down in thinking everyone wants to kill me for being gay!

    Thanks for your insight, and I hope you go on being that open minded. No pun intended


  4. degstar says:

    my cousin was tagged as being gay coz he is knockkneed, had a falsetto n hung out with Yoni, Tony n Mwanje who were kinda the same. where everyone else saw battie boys, i saw lifelong frends drawn together by their oddities. dats wen i figured out dat gay bashers were quite simply, off their collective rockers.

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