Start of the journey

Hi. It’s good you are here at last. It’s been a long time. We have waited for 40 weeks and it was sure getting tiresome. The excitement built from last year and see, we are getting to the end of this year fast.

You are sure strange; your eyes are always closed, your fingers are so tiny and carrying you around sends shards of cold through me because I fear that you could break. You cry and send us scampering and wondering what it is this time. And of course we are adjusting to sleep deprivation.

It is all good, however. We could give everything just to stare down at you and coo lovingly as you look up from your little bed.

Having you has been the Big Thing I expected it to be. But it is a very good Big Thing. Now I can see clearly into the future. I am looking at the years ahead and just thinking of all the things I want to pack into those years makes me want to get up now and start on the plans. Because I get this feeling that there might not be enough time to do it all.

My goal is to see to it that you grow up to be a great WOG. That is Woman of God. I have met a number of them in my life and every time I did, I told myself silently that if I ever had a little one like you, I would want them to be just like that. I want to be here when you make all the big decisions in your life and I want to answer your questions.

I want to comfort you when you lose your first tooth and I want to fight the boogey men in the night for you. I want to help you with the difficult Maths, even if I suck majorly at numbers. For you, I’ll become a professor.

The world you have come into is not a very friendly place. We have people around us who do not believe in being good to other people. There are people bent on making the existence of others as unbearable as possible. Such characters will always be around. They have been around since forever. But we have an obligation to rise above the haters. You have to survive.

I was there when you arrived, you know. It was a miracle. You jumped out like you were ready for the world. Ready to take on the world. I held you in my arms as your mommy caught her breath and got repaired. You were so feisty, so forceful. You kicked like you had a mission. The blood was rushing into your face and you went beet red. Like a cheated politician. With time, you will get a real healthy colour and when you get angry, we will not be able to see it written all over your face.

As I write, I am thinking of ways to leave work early. I want to come home and find you, spend as many hours with you as possible. It’s like that. You have me twisted around your baby thumb.

I love you.

PS: This here thingamajig has jammed; tried to post pics. The moment i figure out how to do it, will put up some. She’s a looker.

oh, and by the way, check this out


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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18 Responses to Start of the journey

  1. mphoebe says:

    Firsties!!!!!(i figured it out)

    Dont do this to me again. Dont have me tearing up
    like this again in the office (we have some cute interns and i want
    my eye make-up intact dude).

    Seriously, she is lucky to have YOU as her daddy,
    I have so much to say about this post right now, but i need to find
    my hanky first… ‘will be back.

  2. Samantha says:

    Ooooooh, this is the sweetest thing I ever read. She is lucky to have a Daddy like you.

  3. duksey says:

    I see the smile on your face every now and then man eh sommmeeee

  4. magoola says:

    What’s her name?

    She jumped out like she was ready for CHOGM.

    And yeah, you really are fast. Wasn’t it only like yesterday that you made a honest woman out of missus? Now you are already reaping the fruits.

    I got nothing but admiration for you.

  5. Ah, the thing little things do to the bigger things … 🙂

  6. petesmama says:

    Like I said, eternally sprung. Thooo thprung!! Especially daddies and their little girls – you will never get off that little finger of hers.

    Enjoy the blessing. And give her a good strong name.

  7. heaven! says:

    May God hold your hand and even make you a better dad than you thought you would be!

    and yeah like petesmama(listen to this woman,i admire her from a distance.she makes you wish all kids had a person to love them even half as much) said,give her a strong name.

  8. tumwijuke says:


  9. Cheri says:

    Oh, My God,..this is the most beautiful piece I”ve read in ages….

    Phantom…this made me almost cry…loved the bit about fighting the boogey men with her and the teeth.. Wow, this is double fantastic!!!!

    I really wish she gets to read this when she gets to the reading age… See, now u’re gonna make me find a man that blogs. So he can write such stuff for the baby I’m having in about a yr or so…

  10. Cheri says:

    I can’t believe this just made me so emotional. Those nite activities really paid off.

    See why I love blogging…it’s for little things like these! Now I’m broody… and mushy… and it’s gonna make me get one soon…

    Anyone ready??? Joshi???

  11. Cheri says:

    Oops, the baby that I’m making in about a yr or so…

  12. it’s ok to be mushy. i’m a chic. we are a mushy lot. its ok… it is.
    congs man.

  13. jasmine says:

    it’s ok to be mushy. i’m a chic. we are a mushy lot. its ok… it is.
    congs man.

  14. jasmine says:

    mine. both comments. sorry.

  15. degstar says:

    so whoz gonna b the godfather? n godmother? to my beautiful niece?

  16. jasmine says:

    me, me, me! godmother! to MY niece. i hope you did not give her flu you deg of a star!
    Phantom, Degstar is not God-daddy material. he gets flu.

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