The Ugandan moor

Sekamatte has been hearing rumours about Janeti and the guy she’s been seeing on the side for some time. As they are rumours and he sees himself as an upright young man, he has struggled with the burden, not knowing what to do about this potato.


Last year he proposed. After stalling for a lifetime in which he was written off by everyone as a non-man, he threw caution to the wind and asked Janeti to be his wife. He thought it through thoroughly before he said anything so he does not regret it.


He has been saving up for the dream wedding. He has taken up three additional jobs to cover the bill. He also wants to give his sweetheart the best life he can offer. He loves her like that.


But now his countenance is constantly clouded. Its like he is always trying to solve some secret mental puzzle. He is back to the drab khaki pants and the unpolished shoes we thought were now history since he met the woman of his life and was transformed. He talks to himself as he walks and he even goes past his house sometimes because he is far too gone in his thoughts.


Since he does not hang out with his peers, doesn’t imbibe the poison and doesn’t think Ange and Silk are all that, those who know him are at a loss for what to do about him. They know there is something wrong but they don’t know how to help him out.


Someone knows what’s going on though. And he cannot help him since he is the one who brought it on. Some guy called James. He became friends with Sekamatte about the time he hooked up with Janeti but that’s neither here nor there. No one really cares about this, least of all, Sekamatte.


The issue is that James has planted the seed. He’s told the poor soul that Janeti has not been true to him. The extra hours he’s putting in and the fact that he is always tired at the end of the day have not really impressed Janeti in the way he thought they would. She feels he’s abandoned her and that the wedding is now more important to him.


According to James, Janeti has been going out with a certain Juma, a moneyed, potbellied, dark monster with monster wheels to boot. Said monster has been picking her up at her hostel at a safe hour, when Sekamatte has retired to his own house tired and looking forward to his sleep.


Jilted lover is too proud to bring it up with his ladylove. But it’s killing him inside.


Today, James gave him a book. He said he might find a solution in the book. The book is called Othello.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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17 Responses to The Ugandan moor

  1. Iwaya says:

    I don’t see Magoo anywhere! I say, Did I get here first? It seems my touch is returning!

  2. Iwaya says:

    Creepy! But that last bit about Othello made me throw this over as not a true story. surely you could have used a local example of a work of literature? it would have been more fire even! but as it is, still, gripping!

  3. magoola says:

    I give you that one iwaya, was too caught up watching Ghost rider.

    Gwe is this for real?

  4. Okay, so the guy is going to get driven to the edge and become an axe murderer. We make them, then we go out and kill them.

    Plus, serves the bugger right for believing in that shallow crap called `love’. Even worse, `marriage’. Hehehehe.

    Oba why do people still even say that blasphemous word?

  5. The Phantom says:

    i know where you live Sav

  6. The Phantom says:

    i know where you live, 27th.

  7. The Phantom says:

    yeah, both o’ u.

  8. The Phantom says:

    and no, N8t. its not for real. Just the goings on in the world of loonies.

  9. duksey says:

    Is this for real…that James definately has beef.
    love can be tite

  10. Iwaya says:

    Nawe Phantom! don’t go bursting all the bubbles in one day! this is supposed to be the confession of a certain somebody we both know!

  11. Minty says:

    Eh? First I’m thinking it’s a true (sad) tale, then with the Othello spanner I was like, ‘phew, just fiction.’ But Iwaya’s last comment throws me off completely. Is this really true? Did Juma really give Sekamatte ‘Othello’? I’d be stumped!

  12. Be Silent says:

    This is absolutely nice give us more

  13. Tandra says:

    Hmmm..gripping!! the othello beat did it in though..

  14. Ivan says:

    Is it wrong that when I read Janet I thought of politician some place?

  15. echwalu says:

    Well love can kill as money say….But there is no herb for it anyway.we just have to suffer the same fait..

  16. Dorian says:

    This is so surreal. I feel bad for James, bcause there is no win-win. Is this a true story?

  17. The Phantom says:

    Dorian, good to have you join us. I guess you’ve been here longer but this is a new profile. Kati, this is really not a true tale. Notice that the evil genius is called James. This is the English version of Iago. Shakespeare…Othello…get the picture?

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