Have i missed something?

Every morning on the way to work, the same thing happens to me (and to many others, i assume). It is getting so boring. I am starting to think that there is something going on that is way beyond my age. And my reasoning capacity. Like in that movie…

Anyway, why would the same guys walk past you and try to trick you into exposing your greed so they can take your money every morning? EVERY MORNING?

It goes down thus: Two guys walk towards me but i can’t tell they are together. One is a little infront of his crime buddy. The one nearest to me drops the same old bundle of money (and i use ‘money’ in a very loose sense). He walks on so i am supposed to assume that he has genuinely dropped his inheritance of Uganda Shillings 1000 times x. The guy behind him jerks into action; he grabs the wad of bills and turns away to walk in the direcition i am headed.

Instantly, he strikes up a coversation. I have a new best friend. Because i saw him pick somebody’s money. If i don’t tell, he wont tell and we can split the loot 50/50.


Again, Ha!

The first time this happened, i actually picked the money and ran after the oblivious victim. His friend kept on hissing for me to let it go but i was so naive…Eventually, i caught up with the dude and tagged at his shirt. He had to turn around. I gave him his loot but i think by then, the plan had been blown apart.

But that musta been like four years ago. Since then, i have learnt that this is some sick trick to rob greedy folks. I have also learnt that many things can happen in the space of one day.

Four years later, peeps be tryina fool me with this strange trick? What am i missing?


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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5 Responses to Have i missed something?

  1. Yeah, you missed something important. You still wear deo. By the time one is the kind of grizzled pro who won’t fall for that, deo is a distant dream. Drop the deo, and they’ll be letting you walk away. ;o)

  2. Aseu says:

    Happens all the time. Someone plse tell these folks that this trick is too old to use any more.Heard the one about mercury or is it golddust??

  3. Tandra says:

    Wat r u missing? think it has something to do with ur looking naive enuf to fall for the trick,lol..that never happens to me,hey!! what r these guyz saying??

  4. duksey says:

    I always wonder what kind of brains these ple have to keep up with the same stunts.Money bundles,gold dust,mercury,abandoned funds (email con), you name it and they have tried it on me or someone i know.

  5. country boyi says:

    You capture this grippingly and hilariously.What happened to you that first time happened to me as well. EXACTLY. Later a friend told me how similar crooks robbed him -it was the end of the month & he thought the guy who had dropped his bundle had just come from his employers to pick his monthly wages. So buddy follows the dude who had picked the bundle to the sharing scene. It was dark (coming to 8pm) so as they are about 2 share, dude who had dropped his ‘shillings’ comes crying asking if they had seen his cash. The other denies. Buddy denies as well. But dude insists on checking them. Wants to begin with ma buddy. Buddy smells something. But before he knows it, the stronger guy grabs him by the belt & lifts up into the air like a small fish on a fisherman’s hook. They take his wallet & phone. He walks the rest of his journey to his crib in Wandegeya a broken man but who had just learned his lesson VERY well.

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