2007 here we are

The year has started but going by the mood, its not going to be the year we all get our dreams fulfilled. Sometimes I stop and wonder if we all haven’t missed the rupture; that all the really deserving haven’t left and are up there sipping on juice. Just before 2005 started, there was the Tsunami. Parallel: Just before 2007 started, Saddam Hussein was killed.

Now, I am tempted to say he didn’t really die. I mean, a figure that big, a guy who fought it out with the Americans in 1990 and won can’t just be there dying like that, really? People with hero status don’t die. Elvis is alive. Tupac is alive. Saddam is definitely alive. I don’t know what those guys have been showing on TV and I don’t know when the truth will come out but I know there is a stink somewhere.

I also got myself a UHF aerial and was introduced to the joys of NTV. Of course, the Kenyans could say we are all going gaga for nothing, that the station is not all that cosidering, but when you have been given WBS as the best entertainment for so long, when Denis Mawanda wins best TV presenter (he did sometime back) when NTV shows up, you just can’t resist the urge to punch the air. I bet the programs manager there is experiencing a bad case of diarrhea. When Straka finally leads another walkout, then the situation will really become apparent. Don’t you just love the way they give you the real implications of a news story instead of just reporting?

I started at my new job. I was plucked out of the freedom of walking the streets and I guess I am going to have to realize my dreams from here. Plus I get to read all your blogs at no cost.

A very good friend of mine told me he is starting on a journey that will end at the end of next year; he’s getting married if everything goes according to plan. May the Force be with you, my friend.

I read in the New Vision, Uganda’s main government daily that at the end of the year 2006, church leaders condemned members of parliament for their demands for 60m shilling worth cars. The next day (today) in a continuation of this story, the MPs hit back that clerics are given cars worth 100m shillings by government for doing nothing developmental. What really got me was Rev Zack Niringiye’s charge that instead of stealing in secret, the MPs are now doing it openly. Of course am paraphrasing, I don’t have the paper with me here. I would have wanted to be there to see the expressions on the politicians’ faces when they read that.

The guy who recorded the murder of Saddam on his cell phone has been arrested. I wonder what he’ll be charged with, telling the truth?

Time mag said those who have used the computer to relay info this past year are the Person of the Year 2006. Now that’s something. In your own way, as small as you think it is, you are changing the world somehow. It reminds me of that old rant from the school of hard knocks; you have the power to kill in your hands. The fourth estate is not for joking, joking, alo.

Liverpool pulled off the revenge of the season. They say when you have nugu, wait till it has chilled well then vent it. Bolton hit us sometime ago and it really hurt, dude. It did. When we got them, (the old crone will always wait for when you come around trying to eat her nicely cooked food) we hit the bejesus out of them. A fitting result, by the way. 3 – 0.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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19 Responses to 2007 here we are

  1. The 27th Comrade says:

    Yeah, and come to think of it, Bob Marley is alive!

    But, you know, if you had the misfortune of seeing Saddam dangling from the cord, you would be certain. He’s gone, the frigger.

  2. Cherie says:

    Man u guys all have four obssession these days! NTV, WBS, Straka, Saddam!!??

    And “frig”

    Saddam is conc gone. True dat. Elvis lives, in Tora Bora, Pac is his roomie. Biggie lives next door…sorry, cave! He’s too big to share with them. Saddam is gone.

  3. Cherie says:


  4. Iwaya says:

    for writing “The guy who recorded the murder of Saddam on his cell phone has been arrested. I wonder what he’ll be charged with, telling the truth?” that bit, PORK ON ME!!! Oh wait, isn’t that a bit dodgy considering the dead man’s religion? yes, he is dead.

  5. joshi says:

    you mean NTV is as if serious..much better than Wava Bullshit?? Saddam..well..he’s last years news.So u got a job now??huh,u must have been a good guy coz all this good karma is coming back to u,thats if u believe in Karma!U guys shud leave Straka alone..ok,so she started the purple,violet,blue and maroon hairdo craze but she really isnt all that bad,ask Aivan?
    Stealing in secret..stealing in Open..sounds like Nsaba trying to defend ‘heself’ for using that 20 ma!!
    All the best on ur new job

  6. minty says:

    Next up, Church leaders release a list of their charity/development activites like mission schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. The score: MPs lose 2:1 .

    @Cherie, touche on current obsessions; add Nsaba Buturo and you have the whole enchilada.

  7. Pea says:

    Joshi, NTV is a quality channel, especially compared to WBS. Happy new year LA. True, this here Kenyan doesn’t see any cause for excitement about NTV except for the fact that a Kenyan channel has broadened its viewership.

  8. country boy says:

    just this day, a friend whispered to me that LA is a woman. the named woman happens to be my boss. can’t believe it!! this boss is hot. dangerously passionate both in writing & life. LA must reveal himself. what should we do, people??

  9. joshi says:

    LA cant be a woman..dude got married a few weeks ago..i bet my nuts..

  10. country boy says:

    joshi, i pointed that out to my buddy & buddy told me the married guy is my boss’ brother; he too has a password & can post on the blog. now the most brilliant entries here surely must have been written by my boss masquarading as LA.

  11. Minzo says:

    I didn’t know you were a Liverpool fan- always nice to know there are more of us around. We can’t drown out the Arsenal and Man U fans, but we will give it a dammn good try!

  12. Pea says:

    CB, interesting! My blogtrotting is always rewarding. After telling us LA is a woman (which was my first impression way way back; was hard for me to picture a guy calling himself lovely), you go on to say LA must reveal himself.

    I think all entries are brilliant. Well, all the ones I’ve read, at least.


  13. Iwaya says:

    LA is a woman???! Damn u LA, U sure know how to dress in drag!!!

    i have an appointment with the dentist in 15 min and he won’t have a hard time making me say ‘aaah’!

  14. Lovely Amphibian says:

    shaa! mbu am a woman. want me to tell the Mrs to post here?

    and @Pea: yeah, i knew that would come up someday. Lovely because…its a long explanation. But just know, am not in the closet.

  15. Degstar says:


    it had to come out eventually, as 4 me i was getting weary of hiding this from the world so like dude, why dont u just come out n tell everyone, ha? coz if u wont i will…

    n here goes…

    in school, LA was a dapper hand at playing the female lead in Drama Productions wen no-one else wanted to, or plain couldnt carry it off. so dere, now y’all know. dere was a small fire underneath all d smoke.

    now he’s happily married to a WOMAN n while most of us r going to bed with the late night radio talkshow he gon b snuggling up to a real flesh n blood WOMAN. lucky bastard.

  16. Kenyanchick says:


    What was that flamboyant skirt you used to wear? With the sijui what type of piping and hemming? I mean, at least LA was in a play, you were playing dress-up voluntarily…

  17. minty says:

    Oh, am loving this. Kati, LA, the explanation. We have all the time in the world.

  18. Cheri says:

    Chill LA, Deg dug his own grave!

  19. Zack says:

    hey, we’re all missing the point here at L.A.’s!

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