A time to cut

This could be good news for you if you live in East Africa and you are male. Maybe not. If its not good news to you, probably its because you’ve been under the knife.

Recently, it’s been in the news that circumcision can cut the rate of HIV infection in heterosexual men by as much as 50%. In South Africa, in fact, the decline was found to be 60%.

I can imagine what’s going to be happening in the next few years. I can imagine what is going to be happening to the thingies of a lot of males in the region.

It is said that when circumcised, men are less likely to bleed and thus less likely to get infected. That the HIV sensitive cells under the foreskin are removed at circumcision and so letting off the guys.

Good news really. Just imagine what that says for the fight against AIDS. The crippling effect of the disease on Africa’s economy and the way it decimates whole communities in East Africa will be greatly curtailed.

Usually, when such reports are released there is a cynical response from different quarters because it is a report just like a million others. In this case, the cynical retort is from me. I know that the west will fund studies into why this is the case and probably try to disprove it. It sometimes feels like these people don’t believe anything can be good about Africa.

Big Pharma, as I call the medicines industry, the guys who are making a killing supplying the dying world with meds are not about to be happy when the people they are selling drugs to are not falling sick anymore.

I expect a lot of opposition just like they forced Dr. Ssali (RIP), the guy Savage referred to recently, to close shop and to die almost penniless. Strangely, Mariandina, his food supplement drug has been given the green light in the UK by the system. They did it quietly, shamefacedly.

That’s why I am happy for the fact (according to the report) that circumcision reduces the chances of men catching AIDS. I am happy that the gospel of Jeffery Sachs and Bob Geldorf, that HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest obstacles to African development, is going to be thought about more seriously by our governments. What I am skeptical about is really the actions that are going to be taken by the guys who hold the world’s purse strings.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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15 Responses to A time to cut

  1. countryboy says:

    I want to circumcize but i hear when u circumcise, yo private member shrinks half its original size. And, seeing that I already have something small, if i circumcise it, won’t that it disappear completely. Heh heh!

  2. Iwaya says:

    @Countryboyi: i have these p…. enlargement links people, shd i hook you up? they are quite persistent and they swear it works!

    @LA: Is it true abt Dr. Ssali? where does this leave us then?? tell me more.

  3. joshi says:

    @CB…dude way too much info..WAY TOO MUCH INFO LAD!!!

    @Iwaya..enlargers?wonder how u got that link..hmm..someone tell CB thats it’s not about the size of the bunny but the battery of the bunny that’s important..ok semi important..

    I think people shud still play it safe no matter wat..im sure there are people who are already confused by this..to some it might sound like wat Jacob Xuma said about showering immediately after having intercourse wit an HIV infected person..

  4. Cherie says:

    Ditto Joshi on B’s comment. The fitst one. But u can contact Dr. Jshamba. Somewhere on my blog. Somewhere. Scrummage thru and u’l get the relevant contats.

  5. Cherie says:

    And Iwaya, am dyin here. My side aches

  6. undo says:

    I think the cut business is all speculative.

    whenever you stick it in there, just know possibly have killed one part of ya life. Stick 2 condoms, the lucky ones have to survive somewhat

  7. jkb says:

    Merry x-mas to u LA.

  8. The 0ne says:

    Merry Christmas…and all that

  9. Savage-No, I didn't quit says:

    merry X-mas

  10. minty says:

    Sounds too easy. I would like to know the HIV/AIDS statistics in Mbale and also Kenya where most tribes cricumcise.

    And LA, happy new year to you and the family.

  11. ish says:

    but apparently Dr. Ssali really was a quack doctor! people literally trusted him with their lives and died.

    and CB, u’re so brave

  12. Zack says:

    Inky, I fink if we go by what you say about Dr. Sali being a quack doctor then Uganda’s got lots of quack doctors cuz he was a doctor’s teacher too at kampala’s main university; taught quite many bigshot doctors in the practice too now! That man did sumn and we didn’t appreciate him while he still lived. I think that’s a shame! And to still not appreciate what he did even in his death, well…that’s worse than shame!
    Happy new year folk.

  13. minty says:

    I also remember reading about Dr. Ssali’s formulas being officially sanctioned after he died.

  14. Iwaya says:

    about Doctor Ssali…so all this means that we owe the man some sort of posthumous apology. where are you guys digging up all this infor on him?

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