An act of faith

Today I sit here, in my new home’s modest living room and type about the happenings of the last few weeks. Today, as the rain beats on the roof outside, it might seem to the uninitiated that all’s always been serene.


It’s a week and some days since I crossed the great divide. I am no longer on the side where I felt confident and safe. I am now in Unknown Country. My mission is to learn the ropes as soon as possible. It’s all still too new to me, to us. Even when we knew that we should keep our expectations on the low, this is really like Alice at the moment her house landed on the Wicked Witch.


I had my moment of indecision. I think I handled it well, considering. The people had all eaten and they were reclining in the chairs to catch up on their gossip at the kasiki. My friends, Busta and Emma where in Julius’ room, trying to grill me over why I was really making this decision. I guess they felt like Timon and Pumbaa when Simba found Nalaa.

I walked out for a mite and there was Jo.

It’s really strange when the woman you chased at some point in your life comes for your Kasiki. She came with a chaperon. She came late. She said she almost never came. I have this niggling feeling that one of my buds had staged this.

So we sat and said all the silly things that we could say without being crass. Then at midnight, we hit Al Zwizzle. Peter, our chauffer had had his power nap while the rest of us made silly. He was in a straight frame of mind, ready to drive us anywhere.

Place was everything I had imagined it would be. Like a million people were on the verandah, guys rubbing skimpily dressed Nubians with the obligatory glass of poison in their hands. There was a fat line to the counter yet there were people dancing at the counter as if to keep an eye on it lest the Martians came and abducted the alcohol.

Jo and her sister sat at the corner table while I pretended to move around. I met this artiste who was drowning his sorrows in a glass and complaining that a certain David Tumusiime had destroyed him after the PAM awards. Mbu this writer had made him and had now destroyed him. Honestly I didn’t give a fig. I am not even that writer’s employer.

Getting back to the table, Emma and Busta and Peter were there trying to make the ladies feel good. So the Tusker and Club started flowing. That’s when I also made my decision. This was really my last night and I had better loosen up. So I started on a Club. Now I don’t even know when I last imbibed but this was starting to feel good.
Then Peter was before me with something in a tiny glass and coaxing me to drink up. He lit it up and said the flame is only an illusion. Even before I drank up, I knew this was going to knock the socks off me if nothing else did. And boy, did it!

Many hours later, after mixing things I had only heard people talk about and after meeting like half my old school mates from the Old School, many of them with potbellies and receding hairlines, it was time to go. All this time I was staring at Jo and asking myself if I was making the right decision.

After that, it was like time just flew by. We had a rehearsal at church and I could see my best man was still hanging. He and Busta (who’s American and was here for the wedding) had been all over the town and into every bar. He nevertheless made it in time and walked the line and responded aptly when Pastor Godson told us to go this way or that way.

At the salon, Saturday morning, we met an angel. Old guy who gave way for us as we were bagole just started giving us blessings and advise. He even prayed for us at the end. When I asked him his name, he stammered like he was searching for an appropriate one. Angels don’t have earthly names, right?

That’s when things started falling into place; the budget was still short, the tents at the reception venue were late, the guests were more than half what we expected but I didn’t know all this until later because the people on the committee just went into overdrive that day.

Friends from as far as Mine-SNOW-tah came in like at the most critical time and they’ll never know how much that changed things. I met people at those meetings who I had deleted from my hard drive and I was close to tears when they made a showing. Someone told me, in one of those down moments, that a wedding like the one I was planning could not flop.

At the end, all was done.

Day sped by. The rain didn’t come down. The cake was heavenly. The speeches were short and interesting. Everyone marveled at the colour scheme. I saw my uncle jumping around with his arms raised in the air like a little kid who sees a huge helicopter and starts shouting, “Bye Uncle Museveni”.

My bestman was running around doing all the behind the scenes work when he was supposed to be home chilling, seeing as he was also a mugole. Then he told me his mom had called to ask what she could buy for us of the fixtures at home. And I had not even thought about that!

It was crazy.

Now we are back. Life is normal again. The honeymoon was in a beautiful place and mukyala didn’t want to leave but we just had to come back to reality. Reality that life still has low points and that it sucks big time but it depends on the way we handle it.

Suddenly I feel like I have acquired a new set of wings. I feel like I can do a lot more than I could before eleven eleven oh six. I guess that’s what happens when one is still in this euphoric state. I hear the feeling goes on for like six months. Now I can also start saying things like, “My wife and I…”

This could be the worst fuck up in history. It could also be the wisest thing I have ever done. It is a project I have planned for a whole year. At the beginning, when I told people that I was going to do it, even I had problems believing. But I have faith.

If you are not Christian, the concept of faith might seem out there for you. Because, this whole thing means giving one’s life over to another person. If one of us messes this thing up, we both pay. Did I know this before? Hell, yes. It was the loudest naysayer in my mind. But do I believe there might be another side to it? Hell, yes. And I am an optimist.

(PS: I tried to upload pix. Honestly i did. But the system jammed.So i guess i’ll have to post them later.)


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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10 Responses to An act of faith

  1. Iwaya says:

    You really went ahead and did it. Jesus, you realy did it. and now they’re trying to make me next in line.

    which artiste was hating by the way? kyokka bannage!

  2. Iwaya says:

    a likely story about those pix u were uploading. i see u pulling a Cherie on us too!

  3. Savage-No, I didn't quit says:

    Oh that is so adorable.

    I am really happy for you mate.

    You can now go ahead and have 1001 kids.

  4. joshi says:

    Dude u real got married?Me i thought deg was being as if joking…CONGRATULATIONS..AND CELEBRATIONS..(hope that was the song playing when u cut the cake,hehe)..Marriage is beautiful,just hope that after 6 months you wont play the wedding tape in rewind so u can see urself going back a free man(ok that was a lame wedding joke,but still..)I really happy for u,kati when is a junior coming up?

    ps..isnt sambucca blazing??

  5. Iwaya says:

    wait, wait! this is what marriage does that to you? LA just used the F-word!!!!!

  6. Lovely Amphibian says:

    @Iwaya: Lyrical G.

  7. Lovely Amphibian says:

    @iwaya: F word…heat of the moment. You always told me to let my feelings lead.

  8. Iwaya says:

    uhmmm LA, Should you be listening TO ME? I’m madandcrazy!

  9. Darlkom says:

    Congratulations, I am so happy for you. That is awesome and the post was beautiful.

  10. Degstar says:

    now that y’all heard d sanitized version, y’all shd come on over n hear d real story!

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