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Where are the naked Obsessions cupping their boobs? Did they bow to public pressure? Even after those girls from Hot 100 pulled off that stunt, The Obsessions feared? I mean, that Hot 100 stunt was something you can’t pull off that easily in Rio.

Shakira can actually sing a love song. Without shaking that thing of hers. Saw this video and I did a double take. It was so different from the Whenever, Whatever image I had come to associate with her. It was in some language I couldn’t understand so I won’t lie. But I can imagine what she was singing…

Is there a crazier singer than John Reuben? I mean apart from the Sex Pistols and their three fans who thought smashing their guitars was so cool (that is retro, kale). Seriously, someone should give that guy a head check. He’s so drunk on Jesus…I want some of that. I want to be like John Reuben.

Did Bebe Cool stick out his tongue in the Gunz and Bombs vid? Like really, really stick out his tongue?

The chick in the Let me Hold You video, yeah that one, isn’t she a spitting image of Jada, that model from Yeyo soap? Maybe I was high on something anyway.

One of the chicks in Priscilla Kalibbala’s video for Dancing wiggles her behind so hard, her bum line shows throughout the song. Somehow I don’t think that’s what she really intended. Probably the director, maybe Don saw this and decided to keep it coz it would entice all those Kenyans who absolutely adore Ugandan chicks. It has been said that Kenyan women move around with blinders when they are with their men. When there is a Ugandan chick in the area, sirens go off and out come the blinders and onto the eyes of their men. Of course all this is unconfirmed. Dancing is full of hot Ugandan babes and its showing on East Africa TV.

After the success of Seanice’s swimsuit and Juliana’s voice in All I Wanna Know, the next video Klear Kut makes should be shot at the poolside at Kampala Club. Its safe now, the politicians don’t come out to play anymore because they realized that they had been infiltrated. They realized that they were soon going to make the fashion police page and that’s not a good thing if you are waiting for Sevo to throw you a hefty post in government.

In other news, the computer spell checker insists that the name Shakira should be Shaker. Ti byange.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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7 Responses to Video news

  1. savage says:

    LMAO @ ti byange.

    Setting music videos by a poolside is so cliche’.That’s what every lazy director who can’t concept a good narrative video resorts to.

    Lately I watch lots of country music videos,that’s where innovation is still happening as far as music videos go.

    Hiphop directors have started ripping off movie plots for example Busta Rhymes’ video for “I love my chick” rips off MR and MRS SMITH.

  2. Kenyanchick says:

    Yeah, some Kenyan men prefer Uganda women, but since I personally prefer Ugandan men, it works out fine. We should start an exchange program.

  3. baz says:

    How creative do you have to be with a pop music video? Just tell her to shake it and it’s a wrap. Obsessions oye.

  4. ish says:

    totally agree with savage bout country music videos! u seen the video for “what hurts the most” by rascal flatts?? i cried!!

    and carrie underwood’s song “don’t fogert mamma”?? i cried some more!!

  5. Degstar says:

    rascal flatts?
    carrie underwood?


    i rather think i’ll stick with d Obsessions n d “wekuume” vid; just too hot. n dat vid by whatshisname kenyan dude who wants to b d shoe, skirt, defender akina lover of dis chick who has her own man … u know d one by… aha, Nani, Nameless

  6. Iwaya says:

    Goddamn it Degster, what’s wrong with you??? Looking up to such lying, sneaking, sly, hyena bastards who want to steal other people’s women and who are always far from being nameless! what’s wrong with you?!?! Blast! Goddamn you all!!!

    Ok, i admit, i have issues.

  7. baz says:

    LA, One Mic by NAS and
    Retrospect For Life by Common.

    Those are some deep videos.

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