What’s happenig at State House?

I live in country called Ug. When people come over from other countries, they smile alot and they write in the local newspapers how Ug is a wonderful country. they would like to come back some time. I think its true that Ugandans love alot.

It is also the country where enemies are never permanent. The president’s childhood chum…(best friend?) has gone and made a turn around that the talking heads are going to be taking apart for years, probably. Unless they are not called on Andrew Mwenda Live.

The guy was one of the architects of the opposition’s most feared party, FDC and he was there in the thick of things when they sweated and bled. Now he’s gone and thrown a stone in the kavuyo, thereby just increasing the speed of events and the fodder for the talking heads.

culled from http://www.thp.org/uganda/ 2001/aidsday/

Hon. Eriya Kategaya has denounced the FDC and he now says he has never belonged there. Reminds me of a guy who when trapped in the headlights a life time ago went like, “I do not know that woman, Lewinsky.” Kategaya in effect is saying he does not know that man, Besi.

So we are left to wonder, what was that all about anyway? Why did he cross over to the other side? Did he ever cross? Did the Red Pepper lie again? Maybe i should go over to radiokatwe.com (i had forgotten that there is (was?) such a website. Maybe they have the inside story.

In an unrelated story, the Mayor of Kampala has brought the long awaited buses which are meant to eventually replace the kamunyes. Some people will say, however that that was not his plan, that he is riding on someone else’s back. Whatever. It is time for those of you who have been experiencing that sinking feeling after London decided to retire its red buses, to clap. All you have to do is convince the Mayor to paint the 350? buses red.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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5 Responses to What’s happenig at State House?

  1. Degstar says:

    what can i say?
    Dear Lord, protect M7 from his friends as he can more than ably take care of his “enemies”?

    sometimes, better the devil you know than the angels in FDC, who still havent ably demonstrated to me their intended programme had they won the elections e.g. on educ, health, pensions, energy, transportation, public service recruitments, agriculture, security, no. of districts/MPs/Ministers/RDCs, et al

  2. jkb says:

    We tend to realize late that pastures aren’t always greener on the other side. I gather FDC has like 5 school of thoughts with only one unifying goal, stop Kags and that there is this one school of thought that vains the others. As a result, a bunch of FDC mobilizers have quietly quit to private life! What does such a high turnover say of a brand new political party?

    By the way forming a pressure group like a forum and forming a political party are two different things. If the guy has no party card, you can’t reasonably identify him with any party whatsoever! Right?

    L.A, Kags considering Eriya for a ministerial post may not be an indication of party affiliation as a matter of principal. As a citizen, you can serve your country in any ministerial post regardless of your political convictions.

  3. baz says:

    And the entire country heaved, “Konka Eriya!”

  4. Jay says:

    Everytime I begin to have a bit of respect for politicians something like this goes and happens.

    @Deg and JKB. its kind of hard demonstrating what you can do without the power to do so. Lets wait for what they offer as the official opposition.

    In my opinion getting rid of Kags is not a bad thing to have as a major objective (it just shouldnt be the overidding reason)and Jane is right theoretically on ministerial appointments but this is UG, it will be a cold day in hell before a minister is appointed simply because he is a citizen with skills (you have to be bringing something to the table Regional balancing, votes, image,PR, tokenism etc).

    LA sorry for the long comment, but as Savage says this is the new kind of blogging.

  5. CountryBoyi says:

    Politics is a dirty game, so it is said. Kategaya who had jumped off the Movement’s swinging pendulum decided to hop back & hold on tight this time round to enjoy the swing again. That’s nothing new under the political sun. There’s more so think about like how i can earn a living in this merciless world than bother chit-chatting about an Iscariot!

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