Genius wears blue jeans

Ray Charles believed that genius loves company. That, though, was just one aspect. There are many facets to the whole equation and probably that’s why everyone should want to be a genius. Apart from having to carry the weight of the world, thinking for the rest of humanity, they get to start revolutions in fashion and no one can attack them because…we do not understand them anyway.

From the time of Albert Einstein, the people who have driven the world of science, the inventors that brought us the most important machines in our lives have led unusual existences.

Einstein had that weird hair style which one would probably have been shot for before the German born physicist crossed over to the USA and whispered in the ear of the US president that he knew how to bring the war to an end. This guy’s hair had a mind of its own. It just wanted to stay standing and that was the end of the discussion. It stood on his head as though trying to look into the future and report back to his brain.

That he had a strange hair style did not matter because he was the biggest scientist in the world. He proved something that today’s bosses seem to forget the moment they leave secondary school and the life of hanging-at-the-hip pants; it doesn’t matter what the apparel looks like. It is of no consequence if one doesn’t have the style of Peter Sematimba as long as they deliver when they are told to deliver.

There is a growing number of young and up coming entrepreneurs who are the forerunners of a brave new world. In Uganda, they are the rebels from your old school that you secretly believed would never make it because they were always against the status quo. They were always going out to dance and they were always cutting class. What really used to get to you is that they always seemed to wake up at just the right moment to score maximum in their exams.

The rebels have a problem getting with the programs of other people and so they do not really keep their jobs for long. They might not cotton onto the idea early but what they really need is to start up their own business. They are the restless types who are always skipping from one high paying job to the next low paying one to the next high paying one. Just thinking of this picture makes me think of a guy called J.Magara.

Eventually, they lose the little patience they had in the first place and break loose. That’s when they come into their element. They buy a lap top and start dreaming up all sorts of things. They create the coolest websites you ever saw and they draw up building designs that would make the mayor slap his head and ask, “Doh, what was I thinking before?”.

This species is not rare. They are not prominent only because they don’t take themselves seriously. They are the lowlifes you look at when they walk into your office and dismiss because of their attire. Sometimes, they will saunter in with bits of food on their shirt. Other times they’ll come with the longest dreads you ever saw and you will be thinking, “If this dude hasn’t been smoking something illegal, he should have been.”

They are free agents. They wear what goes. They are too busy thinking for the world to care what you think is trendy. So they’ll wear the most comfortable sneaks and the snuggest jeans in the closet and throw on their base ball cap. The next time you come across a character in blue jeans and sneakers with a laptop carrier on their shoulder looking contemplatively at the ground like it holds the answer the HIV puzzle, don’t ask. Just know you’ve met one of Kampala’s geniuses.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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