Mama’s Song

Mothers are special. From the beginning of time, humans have sung of their virtues. If we were lucid all the time, probably we would let mothers rule because it seems only they know what the meaning of order is anyway.

Most times, especially when we leave the coop, we just forget what mothers are for. We go out there and mess ourselves up yet all we have to do is go back and draw on those reserves of strength that they have stored up. Mothers are for reminding us that we are not dumb or stupid. They are the people who will worship us even when the world is crying that we are the worst scum of all.

Mothers are for sacrifice. It is every young mother who abandons her dreams of making it big in some big city like Dick Whittington and returns home to take care of baby. She shuts her mind to the bells tolling that she will be mayor of London if she stays and slugs it out.

They give up the good life to see that this new life growing in them will grow good. They could have a glowing modeling career; appearing on glossy mags and getting all sorts of deals. They have to ignore their girlfriends who tell them the pregnancy will distort their features for ever and that they’ll never work in this town again. They weigh the options and choose to have the baby. And they fight to get back in the spotlight and when you see them on the cover of the most popular women’s mag, the smile dancing in their eyes is not the smile of some floozy out to be seen. It’s the smile of triumph and wisdom.

It is the brave ones who belong to an upright Christian ministry and they have been in leadership so the decision to terminate is the easiest. Instead, they give up the glory and the fake spirituality and go through the nine months of crucifixion. They are tormented by their family (dad taunting her about being a two timing liar) and friends (Stella got pregnant. Hmmm! Kyoka that ka girl! Nga she’s on the leadership team?). They go through all this and have their beautiful, beautiful girl.

The desperate mother who is down on everything but will not accept to see her baby die of hunger. The woman who sweats it out in Owino aka St. Balikuddembe and even when her luck runs out because she just doesn’t have the skill, she seeks other ways to feed her tot. They are the reason we must not be quick to judge the women who are paraded on WBS TV news, nabbed on Speak Road at 2pm on a cold night trying to negotiate with drunken passersby.

Mothers’ Day is here for all such as these and more. For all the women out there who let their maternal instinct take over and let life thrive. It is the day that y’all who have mothers should take them out and show them that you understand and you appreciate. Before it is too late for you tell them how you feel.

Happy Mothers’ Day


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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4 Responses to Mama’s Song

  1. Degstar says:

    how’d i say this?

    you know what i mean, GBU.
    Bootlicker Forever.

  2. jkb says:

    Happy Mothers’day to u too. Ooops, thats not even funny, but bask in that glory…

  3. Iwaya says:

    thanks for making me feel like a sod!

  4. undo says:

    Happy Mothers day…Hmmm, I believe I am a little too late. Iwaya, I am in the same boat.

    For the Young mother’s out there, Dr. spock always said “…you know more than you think you do…”
    so brave it out and nurture a strong L.A junior(these are mere indications)

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