China in your face

The Chinese have arrived. They are taking over the world and making the Americans really scared. The USA is trying to make trumped up charges against China stick but it’s like trying to pull a chicken by its skin.

Africa is under a Chinese invasion. There have been many instances of foreign intrusion in African affairs in the past, right from the days of Belgium’s sojourn in the Congo and the Italians in Libya. But the Africans of those days were not the Africans of today.

Right now, almost every African country has Chinese investors, giving us a front row seat at the Clash of the Titans. China is going to be a superpower; there is no question about that. The question is when.

The Americans, who’ve been in charge of the world for so long now, know that the writing’s on the wall but they just don’t want to go quietly. They want to be dragged from the party screaming and kicking. When they see the investments that are going up in Africa by the Chinese, they suddenly want the world to look at this new force as the agent of The Dark Side.

Nevertheless, whatever Uncle Sam says, the Chinese seem to have the appropriate technology for Africa. America neglected the needs of Africa for so long and concentrated on only what they could get out of here. They made things suited only for their markets; huge guzzlers that couldn’t be used in my village in Ibulanku and all these drugs that cost as much as it does to send a hundred kids to P1 in Ug. They wanted to get the coffee and sell us expensive instant, get the cocoa and sell us expensive pimped up chocolate…

If you have been to down town Kampala, you have seen the brisk business that the Chinese are doing. The shoes are plastic and they go for as little as Sh.5000 but those dudes seem to know what to do. They are not complaining. They are getting their money and the locals are getting their desires fulfilled. This is the party America is not too happy about.

China is being accused of encouraging dictatorships to rise up in Africa. Apparently, because they have a close relationship with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, they are the cause of all the suffering of the white people down there. But China is only going through the lines of the script. America has done these same lines before.

Mugabe might be as evil as hell but it depends on whose cousins and girlfriends are not getting unfair contracts in Zimbabwe, it seems. Everyone knows how the west sends crazy ass rejects to Africa and calls them expatriates. So they give us their money but we have to spend all of it on their people. When Mugabe stands against this robbery, he’s labeled a pariah. And he might well be but that’s not the point here.

The road net works and hotels going up all over Africa, with extra cash to see that those projects do not fail are really rubbing the USA the wrong way. It must be really bad for them to be constantly reminded that their five minutes in the spotlight are coming to a close.


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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6 Responses to China in your face

  1. jkb says:

    Lovely amphibian,

    U just stole my script…kidding. I do agree with every bit of your observation. China exports billions bucks more than they import from the Americans creating a huge US trade deficit that will come to haunt americans later.

    To sustain their artificial life style, the americans have continued borrowing from the Chinese with an alarming consistency whilst the Chinese continue bulking with american bonds seemingly each day. Do you see where I am going with this? Fiscal trouble and probably bankruptcy.

    The fiscal disintergration south of the border will cause economic turmoil here, so we pray and pray that a fiscally responsible american is finally elected to office.

  2. savage says:

    The only thing Americans seem to do better than the Chinese is branding. Most of the things we think are American are actually made/manufactured by the Chinese. The only thing Americans do is brand them.I f you take a look at the labels on your designer gear, you’ll know what I mean. They don’t stop at that, your prized G5 power Mac, ipod,that PC you are typing on, home theater etc are all made by the Chinese. So the instant the Chinese step their branding game up, America will only see the dust from the trail China has blazed.

  3. Jay says:

    All that nonsense about China encouraging dictatorships in Africa is so comical coming from the US.

    Someone remind me, when was the last election in Saudi Arabia?

  4. Degstar says:

    my frend Olivia’s cell phone, a Samsung, has this emblazoned on the battery, “Made in China, finished in Korea”. i say to all ye Chinamen & women, welcome!

  5. Lovely Amphibian says:

    And i think its time for Olivia to start blogging. Tell her.

  6. Jozee says:

    Just don’t forget we are human over here too..

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