To Uganda with Love

The president was on LTV taking around Mathew Crouch and his wife, Laurie, showing them the sorrowful survivors of the northern war. For some reason, LTV decided to air this doccie, which was made in December last year, at this time.

Is the programme a hit? Probably. It makes this president come off as a saint, though. He is portrayed as a Moses type come out of the wilderness to save the children of Israel from the big bad Pharaoh. It goes without saying that at this time of transition, not a few observers will see this as a thinly veiled effort to aid the candidacy of Museveni.

There is no way a fence sitting Christian will vote “unwisely” after watching this thingy. It is a real weepy. The Americans doing the narrations are really moved. Its in their voices. They actually seem to be atken in by the whole Kagu-is-a-devout-Christian psycho babble. You cannot remain unmoved, God knows, when you see those mass graves. Jeez! I didn’t even know that those things were still being used. I thought they went out with J. Nagenda’s campaign.

But you have to give it to that camp; they know how to play, clean or dirty. If the competition will be won the dirty way, they have all the fire power in their arsenal. They have J. Nagenda, R. Kabushenga and all the other guys who will not find it beneath themselves to pull another skull campaign. And if they want to play it clean, they have all the saints they can use. Rugunda, Nsibambi and the like. Plus they have R. Kayanja shouting the president’s praises and crying into the camera.

The victim in all the politicking is the church. A great number of people have been told that the church, especially the Pentecostals, are all for one candidate. But this is frustratingly inane. Unfortunately, the truth is still trying to lace its shoes while the lie has made two trips around the world.

One wishes, though, that the campaigns and the post election period will not bring chaos. Humans have the power to cause peace and calm if they want to. They also have the ability to cause mayhem. If they want to.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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2 Responses to To Uganda with Love

  1. Jay says:

    This time round Kagu is taking no chances. I havent watched the doccie but after seeing 3 “vote museveni” ads at half-time during the arsenal-liverpool match on supersport3 last week, I can tell that major dimes have been thrown into the whole media/pr campaign.

  2. Degstar says:

    so wat government posting do y’all think Pastor Kayanja is gonna get? he already enjoys VIP immigration status as it is, i’m sure he will not rurn down a 4X4 with UC plates.
    i can just c it, Ps. Kayanja, Min. of State 4 Ethics & Integrity.

    God help us all

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