A visit to Utopia

Sometimes, it’s better for one to go out and see for themselves what they have heard, instead of taking it for granted. Many times, being true to our natures and refusing to believe, no matter what we are told, jut because the tellers are, for some reason our foes, works against us.

When you read about the beauty of the Budhagali Falls from all these fawning chroniclers, you could get the impression that you won’t like it, just because it was liked by these blue blistering barnacles, to use Captain Haddock’s phrase.

After a long time, I decided to actually go over and see for myself what the big deal was about the falls. After all, if the government decides to go through with its plans of destroying this piece of divine art, I shall have only myself to blame.

The road to the falls is pure torture. If you are going to the place, place don’t forget to take your car (ha ha) and if you are in your car, don’t forget the wheels. The dust is unforgiving, as you come nearer to the falls. Before long, you realize that the funny looking creatures on bodabodas are actually people with red dust all over their faces and clothes. The eye lashes and eye brows will probably make you want to laugh but you wont be able to because a glance in the mirror of whatever vehicle you are traveling in will confirm to you that you are not any different from the riders.

But once you get to the site, all is suddenly forgiven. At that point, just as you descend into the bowl that holds the most beautiful sight you ever saw, you start thinking of nice colours and happy things and how it doesn’t matter that Cynthia doesn’t want to play with you. Its pure bliss just looking at the great rapids as they hurl themselves onto the rocks and then rise up as if with steam.

The sound is heard from some distance away but you will probably be thinking of other things. The sound is not something you will attach to the beauty of the falls. It roars and sings and tells its own tale. That for centuries, this has been its home and it is not yet tired of being here. That as the sun’s rays hit down on the surface of the water, as the birds fly low and look for any stupid fishes that could be swimming in these mighty waters, this place will stand defiant against the future. It is a sound that cannot be described as a dirge. This is praise and worship.

As I looked at the rushing waves, I sat in the sun and didn’t care that it was too hot. I sat there and let my mind wander. I thought happy thoughts; of my friends, my family, who are my enemy at the moment, for reasons even I can’t explain to myself, the future of this country and yes, the future of Budhagali.

It’s amazing what we shall do for money. Even when it has been said that there are alternatives to what the government is trying to get out of the falls, there are those who are obstinate. They want to see the beauty of this place destroyed. It’s a sad day for those who think on this issue. Because seeing the joy of the people who have come from far just to see the famous attraction, it is almost obscene to think that someone could actually want to take this away.

The hours shall always fly when you are enjoying yourself. Sitting in the comfortable lounge chairs and just listening to nature as it sings to the dancers who have been dancing the whole day, to entertain us the tourists, it is almost cruel when the date says, “Its time to go.” Yet it’s true, we have to go. Tomorrow is another day. It’s a new year, a new beginning.

Maybe there is going to be sorrow. Maybe there will be tears in this year. Whatever happens, we should always remember that there are places in this our country that are going to bring out the best in us. Places that we must enjoy while we still can, because once the powers that be get wind of them, they will probably want to build a hotel there.


About Steven

It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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