Its a bird, no, its a dude called Brandon

It is the season of the superhero. After all the guys in funny tights that we have seen over the last three years, the big cahuna himself is being resurrected. Okay, no one can fill the shoes of Christopher Reeve but, yeah, you guessed it, the Superman franchise is not going to be left out.

Before they started on the shooting, the guys who own the ideas said they were going for a complete unknown to wear the blue tights. So that meant that all the speculation about Brendan Fraser, Josh Hartnet, Collin Farrel, Jude Law and all those other posers was just what it is, horse droppings. The word was ‘unknown’ and the last I checked, these dudes have had their faces pasted all around the world.

The man of steel had to be given a good return; something better than what they did for that bat thingy. Everyone was gaga about how Batman Begins is so dark and so cool and all those other brainless things that are usually said about a movie that all the critics know will sell out. So they have gone and outdone themselves. The movie is complete, has been complete for like a long time now but there is always something new. That’s postproduction work for you. Only Hollywood knows how to play that game. So they’ll keep us waiting until 2006!

The complete unknown is a dude called Brandon Routh. His situation might be better than Daniel Craig’s (I know. That’s the guy who wants to be the new Pierce Brosnan, sorry, James Bond). Craig is playing a hero who’s been around in Casino Royale, which is going into production next Feb. Routh is playing Superman from his beginnings. Everything that he does will be new so he doesn’t really have to prove much.

So next year, when the fellowship of the movie buffs gets their hands on the first pirated DVDs of Superman Returns, it’ll be with a heightened sense of wonder. Here is a new kid on the block and he is playing the greatest superhero of them all. It could fall either way; he could blow it and render himself jobless for a long time or he could be a good boy and do it like Daniel Radcliff, taking the role and making it his own. When Reeve was first cast for the role, he was also a total unknown. But watching him, particularly in Superman IV, Jeez! That guy had class.
The movie was completed in Sidney Australia yesterday. Its cast and crew include Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth. It breaks the record as the most expensive movie ever made. Following it are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Titanic and Spider-Man, in that order.
So Superfilles, as I learnt buffs of the franchise are called, brace ya selves. We are going to be in clover come next year.


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One Response to Its a bird, no, its a dude called Brandon

  1. Jay says:

    You say it is based on The Man of Steel’s beginnings, do you know if it follows the plotline of smallville?

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