Campus religion

I came to the conclusion that faith on campus is very different from faith in the big bad world. There is something glossy, almost Hollywood about the way things go when guys are at the Tower. And that changes a few months to the end of their course.

When the kid leaves home after the long vac, they just want to be good. Of course there those who just wanna party; the namagunga types, who’ve been under lock since forever and they feel this is their time. This group just goes and lets their hair down and onto a million guys’ pillows before anyone can say “are you a virgin!” (not a question)

But the other group, especially the guys who come from a school that is very liberal and they have been living on the very quick paced gig are full of remorse and they want a place to belong. They have been so near the brink of juvenile delinquency and now they want out. Now they see an opportunity to make things straight. They are very surprised that the zeis actually are going through with paying for their tuition and they think they at least owe some being out there.

So when they get to campus, they become the goody two shoeses that everyone else sees through. They all go thru the routine; “Praise God sister” (hugs, with lower part of the body really separated. We don’t want to be stumbling anyone now, do we?). And they find themselves starting to believe with all their might the things the pastor says.

Then the second year comes around and the males are rudely woken up. They discover that the sisters are backsliding in droves. “Sister Martha went and got herself knocked up. Can you believe that?” man, the faith starts sliding ever so quickly. The people all around start showing that they are not really what they have always been made out to be.

Then they get out and all the flies from a Kisenyi skip (the whole place is a rubbish skip, anyway) break out. They realize that they cannot go on living like this is some Rudyard Kipling story. There are no friendly bears here. The lawyers quickly cotton on to the idea that they have to, must be crooked if they are to survive. And if they are to really make all that money they have been dreaming about since forever. So, slowly, the posts shift. The first thing to go is the prayers.

Then the existentialist books (Jesus the Man, Da Vinci Code) come in. Then they start believing what Eminem says. Soon, the brotha is swigging Guinesses like the CMI guys will make him, with their crocs and all, if he does not drink up. Of course they will still go to church, most of them. But this time, it is really to check out the booty all around.

And later, when they run into guys from their close knit campus family of Jesus freaks, they just don’t want to talk about that time. Because they are saying, in their mind; “Man, I lost so much time!”


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It wasn't me; arrest the voices. It was the voices in my head. Sike! I am Ugandan first. I care for development in my country. I am a curious observer second and I care to know what you think.
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One Response to Campus religion

  1. Iwaya says:

    just hilarious. don’t take your vacation now.

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